How AI Technology Is Improving PDF to Excel Conversions

How AI Technology Is Improving PDF to Excel Conversions 1

With the need for document conversions at an all-time high across professional industries, extracting PDF data into Excel for analysis becomes essential for making highly informed business decisions.

However, with this shift in digital document needs, there is a growing need for more efficient conversions. It is now more and more common for companies to look to advanced PDF to Excel conversion tools to help in the process of collecting the data they need.

One example is Able2Extract Professional. This PDF converter suite lets you custom convert PDF to Excel, allowing you to select tables and adjust the row and column lines to tailor your conversion results into Excel. The tool improves the process even further by letting you save your adjustments in a custom Excel template for similarly formatted PDFs.

That ability in itself is sufficient, yet adding AI technology to the conversion process can provide an accurate, faster, more efficient data extraction process. Here’s how AI technology is improving PDF to Excel conversions in Able2Extract.

Getting Quick, Accurate Conversion Results

With AI technology integrated into PDF conversions, an element of self-learning and automation is added to the process. The AI technology in Able2Extract, for instance, allows the software to extract your customized data selection automatically with an AI-powered template.

How AI Technology Is Improving PDF to Excel Conversions 2

More precisely, Able2Extract lets you train a custom Excel template on 5-10 PDF samples with the table structure you want selected. With each PDF sample you open the template, tweak it, and save it.

Doing this a number of times turns a custom Excel template into a Smart Template that helps the software automatically identify and select all similar table structures throughout the PDF document on its own. You can then convert all those tables in one single instance. In this way, AI technology allows you to quickly export PDF tabular data to Excel while still accurately extracting only the data that you need.

Performing Even Faster Data Extractions into Excel Spreadsheets

When you can apply that same AI-powered template concept to batch conversions, the process is improved tenfold. With Able2Extract, these are known as Master templates, which are custom Excel templates trained on PDF samples through the Batch interface.

How AI Technology Is Improving PDF to Excel Conversions 3

Similar to how Smart Templates work, these Master templates will allow Able2Extract to identify, select and then convert specific tables similar to the ones selected in your samples on its own. As a batch conversion, this process is performed on multiple PDFs and automated. The result? An even faster conversion process without having to manually go through each PDF document for your desired tables.

Benefitting From More Efficient PDF to Excel Conversions

In short, what these AI-powered templates can do is make it simpler for you and your business to convert important data into Excel spreadsheets, accomplishing a number of things at once:

  • Eliminate extra time spent on selecting tabular data
  • Automate the conversion of specific tables from multiple PDFs
  • Provide highly accurate and tailored conversion results

Needless to say, AI technology is paving the way for better and faster ways of working with big data. As AI slowly finds its way into digital document workflows, PDF converters can ultimately benefit from the technology and help you take that next step in the data extraction and management process.

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