How Alexa is changing the Voice Search Marketing in 2019?

How Alexa is changing the Voice Search Marketing in 2019? 1

Alexa, the voice recognition assistant that Amazon Echo smart speakers work with, normally only recommends one or two products to users when they use it to make purchases. So, how can companies ensure that they and their products are still relevant in this environment?

So the important thing is to go first for Alexa Skill Development since this will be the only way to get sales through them. Mindshare got just that for one of its customers: In the search for a specific consumer product, the customer’s brand was recommended in the voice search:

Voice search does not just mean mobile

We associate voice aids to mobile devices because they already have the integrated option. Other actors appear on the scene, like Amazon’s echo, a speaker that will be the gateway to the Internet of things. From Echo you can control with the voice all smart home automation devices in addition to using it for online purchases and what comes to mind, replacing the use of mobile.

Voice search means natural conversation

Search by voice means Voice Marketing. Once the written phase is over, we see that the spoken searches are much more complex and always include a background context. Here Artificial Intelligence comes into play, or all those resources that help to find out the context of the user and be able to offer an adequate response. Geo location, user history, personal calendar … everything helps to know the context in which the search is being presented.

Voice searches are different, and the results should also be

For example, in a conversation, if we ask what price a certain object has, normally we are not yet in the phase of wanting to buy. We are simply informing us so we can make a decision in the future. On the contrary, if we write this question to the browser, we are probably ready to buy it and therefore we will look for immediate purchase proposals.

Therefore we must know to distinguish between the intentionality of the searches according to the method that has been used and forces us to try to know even more (if you can and leave us) the way the search engines respond.

How do you get out as a leading brand in the voice search? With PCC on Amazon

With Amazon advertising it is possible to improve the organic positioning of products on Amazon (unlike Google). And the reason is that Amazon not only makes money by clicking on the ads, but also earns much more with the sale of products. Amazon looks for the best-selling products and does not care where the traffic comes from.

And how persistent is that push through paid advertising?

Amazon includes all the traffic that arrives at the page of a product through a keyword in the CTR (click-through-rate), even if it comes from paid keyword ads.

But beware: Ultimately, the most important thing for Amazon is always the satisfaction of the end customer. And this satisfaction is mediated on the basis of sales and returns. If I do not satisfy the final customer, all investments in advertising will not help.

We have done many paid advertising campaigns in Amazon and the truth is that spectacular increases are achieved in terms of positioning but that does not mean that sales are produced for that better organic positioning.

And all the advertising efforts are rather ephemeral if they are not accompanied by an increase in sales sustained over time once there are no ads. It will only be maintained if sales continue to enter because the product and its price are attractive.

What are the factors to obtain the “Amazon’s Choice” label?

Being in first or second position of the results by a keyword does not automatically have the label “Amazon’s Choice”.

The decisive factors for obtaining the “Amazon’s Choice” label are the sales volume of the article in relation to the keyword, the number of valuations and the rate of returns.

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