How an HR Team Saves 20 Hours a Month

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How an HR Team Saves 20 Hours a Month 1

BambooHR integration streamlines the winding paths of HR workflows, saving valuable time while illuminating the way toward increased productivity. To highlight how a BambooHR integration charts a course to more efficient HR management, let’s consider how the Corporate Controller at a fast-growing climate technology company skillfully used this BambooHR integration to save 20 hours a month with employee onboarding and payroll and paved the way to increased overall efficiency of their HR systems.

The Challenge: Implementing a BambooHR Integration to Save Valuable Time

Without automation, tending to numerous payroll files and synchronizing employee updates each month felt like rowing against the current, wasting valuable time. Managing the surging tide of new hires alone casts a shadow over productivity. Before implementing the BambooHR integration by Flexspring, HR professionals manually entered and re-entered data in BambooHR and then in Paylocity. The climate technology company onboards new people weekly, so between handling the new hires and all the other employee changes, HR invested 20 hours a month making updates and modifications.


The Transformation: BambooHR Integration with Paylocity

Flexspring cleared the climate technology company’s path to automating data from BambooHR to Paylocity, effortlessly charting a direct course. When new hires embark on their onboarding journey, or seasoned employees move, get a promotion, or raise, the records automatically update. This integration doesn’t merely save time. Automation liberates HR and accounting crews from the hazardous shoals of double-data entry, ensuring a smoother passage and minimizing errors with a hands-free, point-to-point solution.

The integration included:

  • New Hires and Employee Updates from BambooHR to Paylocity
  • This use case adds current employee updates along with new hires. When a hiring manager presses the “send to Paylocity” button in BambooHR, new
  • hire data automatically syncs in Paylocity in near real-time with the essential information needed to process payroll. As soon as current employee data changes in BambooHR, employee data also automatically updates in Paylocity in near real-time.

“From my point of view, as long as I’m saving time, I always recommend implementing data automation,” said the Corporate Controller. “Investing in technology saves time and helps you avoid headaches. That’s always something I appreciate.”

The Results: A Heroic Solution to a Complex Problem

Thanks to the Corporate Controller’s forward-thinking approach, integrating BambooHR into Paylocity smoothed the company’s path. The business saves time by automating processes, avoiding manual errors, and navigating the complexities of organizing state tax data for employees spread across various offsite locations. Flexspring’s integration operates as the guiding beacon, erasing the need for manual data entry tasks and ensuring a calm voyage through complex tax landscapes.
“Before we contacted Flexspring, whenever we had a new hire, we manually entered

all the information in BambooHR and then had to do it again for Paylocity,” said the Corporate Controller. “We spent a lot of time entering and re-entering information. The New Hires and Employee Updates integration Flexspring implemented went very smoothly and saved us time.”

Conclusion: A Successful Journey

The triumphant expedition undertaken by the climate technology company alongside Flexspring illustrates the transformative power of automation. The company discovered a shortcut that saves HR professionals 20 hours each month—a voyage marked by the swift onboarding of new employees and a seamless update of records. As the winds of change sweep through BambooHR, the currents synchronize with Paylocity, ensuring a perpetually up-to-date map of employee data. Data integration cuts the travel time, steers clear of the pitfalls of manual errors, and ensures a smooth and error-free journey.

Article Contributed by Yan Courtois is the CEO of Flexspring, a company that focuses on HR data integration. With Flexspring, Yan leads a team of experts who provide custom and turnkey data integration for HR apps that’s fast, easy, and cost-effective. Flexspring is a BambooHR integration partner. BambooHR integration is one of the most popular automations that save HR departments time and money.

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