How Armada and Starlink are Reshaping Remote Connectivity

By Sunil Sonkar
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How Armada and Starlink are Reshaping Remote Connectivity

In the vast landscapes of oil rigs, remote mines and military bases, data is generated in massive quantities and is often left unused. Startup Armada is looking ahead to change this narrative by creating a platform that taps into this data goldmine. Focusing on industrial devices that could benefit from AI, its full-stack technology platform integrates with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, specifically the Starlink satellite network.


Dan Wright, Armada’s CEO, aims to bridge the digital gap in remote areas through their software suite, Commander and a robust mobile data center called Galleon. Commander manages Starlinks and other internet assets, ensuring connectivity in remote spots, while Galleon, a weatherized container, houses crucial graphics processing units (GPUs) for running AI models.

While giants like OpenAI focus on massive AI models, Armada’s approach caters to businesses far from tech hubs. Despite having no revenue and only a proof-of-concept trial, its potential has attracted investors. A $15 million seed round valued the startup at over $50 million and a recent Series A funding round raised an additional $40 million, bringing its valuation close to $250 million.

The startup’s collaboration with SpaceX’s Starlink network has garnered attention. Armada’s applications range from streamlining operations in mining (as seen in a trial with Nexa Resources) to enhancing connectivity for streaming live events. As the startup eyes contracts with major industrial players and the U.S. Department of Defense, its unique blend of technology and mobility positions it as a key player in the emerging landscape of AI solutions for challenging environments.

The startup’s origin story traces back to a private conference hosted by SpaceX investor 137 Ventures in November 2022. The idea of leveraging Starlink for business applications was born, leading to Armada’s collaboration with SpaceX and the recruitment of Dan Wright and Jon Runyan as co-founders.

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