How artificial intelligence assists in improving customer experience

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How artificial intelligence assists in improving customer experience 1

Artificial intelligence has grown to play a remarkably important role in the present world. It has made everything so much easier for people with smartphones and smart homes with personal AI assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. It also has a tremendous impact on the welfare of organizations as it has many benefits for the company’s services provided to their customers. 


The most important aspect of an organization is customer experience, and it is crucial to maintain a good customer experience. Customers’ expectations from the companies are gradually increasing. Thus, it is vital to improving the customer experience which can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Why is improving customer experience crucial? 

The chances of customer retention, i.e., sticking to the company for future needs, decreases when customers experience poor services from the company. But when looking the opposite way, i.e., when the customers experience good services from the company, there are a lot of positive points for the company’s growth. When a customer experiences good customer service, they get a feeling of trust and loyalty towards the company, increasing the company’s customer retention by sticking to it for their future needs. 

Customers with poor customer service experience do not rely on the company for their future needs and tend to suggest the same to their friends and families. But, customers with good customer service experience trust the company and stick to it for their future needs. They even suggest the same to their friends and families thus, increasing the company’s clients. 

How AI helps in elevating customer experience?

Artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in improving an organization’s customer experience management (CXM). Customers these days prefer to get their issues resolved with the help of AI-based KM tools (knowledge management tools) rather than interacting with a customer service agent unless required. 

AI also helps in giving the customer service agents the exact knowledge and skills they require for smooth customer interaction and problem-solving. Along with these, there are other key points also about how AI helps in elevating the customer experience. Let’s briefly look into each of these points. 

Customer service agents’ training with the right skills 

Challenging situations might come up for the customer service agents where they are unable to solve customer queries due to the lack of skills. To maintain a successful customer experience management system, it is crucial to prevent these situations by training the customer service agents with the right skills. 

An AI-based knowledge management system helps in better customer service agents’ training. With the assistance of knowledge management tools such as decision trees, knowledge bases, picture guides, FAQs, learning management systems, etc., customer service agents can get themselves acquainted with the required skills. 

Helps in understanding queries 

Another common challenge that the customer service agents face while interacting with their customers is how to understand their queries clearly. Here tools like decision trees, FAQs, knowledge base, etc., can help the customer service agents to clearly understand customer queries by simply asking a few yes or no questions. 

Increase customer agents’ work efficiency 

It is important to note that the better the work efficiency of the customer service agents, the better would be the customer experience. By training the agents with the right skills and by decreasing tier workload their work efficiency could be increased. 

AI-based knowledge management systems help in giving them the right training and AI-based chatbots answer the common customer queries leaving only the complex ones for the customer service agents. This helps in saving their time and also increases their work efficiency. 

Find solutions easily with knowledge management 

Making the customers wait while finding information to provide them with the most relevant solutions might lower customer satisfaction (CSAT). To restrain these circumstances, customer service agents should be given access to all the information collected and stored in an organized manner with the help of AI-based knowledge management systems. 

Analyze customer journey 

AI also helps in analyzing customer journeys. A customer’s whole journey with the company must be analyzed as it helps in pointing out the weak points of a company, knowing which company would know what are the things that could be improved and where more focus should be given. 

Deploy a self-service system 

Customers these days keep interacting with a customer service agent mostly as their second option. They prefer to first try and solve their query themselves. Thus, the deployment of self-service systems has become too necessary. Customers can get the answers to their queries by simply asking questions to the AI-based chatbots. This does not require any customer service agent’s intervention. 

Also, with the help of decision trees, FAQs, picture guides, etc., customers can solve their queries. This helps in giving the customers a feeling of empowerment thus, helping in improving the company’s customer experience. 

Real-time communication 

Artificial intelligence helps in abolishing the communication barrier between the customers and the company with the help of automated support. With the deployment of AI-based chatbots and with its assistance, customers do not have to wait in a queue for long to get their questions answered. AI-based chatbots also answer the common customer queries that are asked frequently by the customers. 

Provide a 24*7 support 

With the assistance of an automated support system, customers can get their answers whatever the time may be. Customers would not need any human intervention. They can get their answers easily 24*7 through chatbots. Thus, the company can provide 24*7 available customer support that would have a huge impact in improving customer experience. 


Summing it all up, observing how fast technology is developing and how fast customer expectations from the company are increasing, it has become a necessity to implement these strategies to improve customer experience. Thus, it can be said that an artificial intelligence (AI) based knowledge management system would directly imply a better customer experience. 

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