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How artificial intelligence could transform sector in 2019

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Artificial Intelligence is now already making our lives easier and revolutionizing some of the various industries and will now continue to be working in the future as well. According to the report which has been revealed by some of the experts, 2019 is going to be a landmark year in the entire history of the AI as now we are going to see some of the large-scale implementations of the Machine Learning and AI in some of the different areas, which will be going to have a direct effect on the business as well on our daily lives as well.

AI has already been one of the major centers in the finance and banking services and insurance space from the past few years, and many of these firms have already incorporated AI at the core main operations part. It is the area where the pace of the transformation is constantly increasing.

One of the major vital opportunities to use the Artificial Intelligence is in the form of a Computer Vision, which is used in wide range of fields like the finance and banking for securing the branches and ATM against some of the forceful intrusion.

Now the presence of the weapons inside the ATM or any of the banking branch can also be tracked easily with the help of this technology and real-time alerts and notifications which are generated to protect with some of the further damage parts.

Computer Vision is now already being used by some of the banks to extract the information from the unstructured data, automated cheque processing, and face recognition as well for the authentication of various banking services and some other aspects as well.

Udit Agarwal
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