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How artificial intelligence is changing visual arts [infographics]

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way in which a variety of industries operate: cybersecurity, health care, construction, and business to name a few. But it’s also penetrating the visual arts industry, expanding artists’ opportunities and potential beyond that of anything that existed in the past. IBM’s Chef Watson is transforming the culinary arts, computer-generated novels and screenplays are appearing, music-generating algorithms are producing albums, and choreographers are even using AI to keep performances fresh.

Just last October, Christie’s auction house sold a machine generated painting for the first time, and it sold for over $400,000. While the interest is there, the idea of AI-generated art comes with a plethora of questions from artists and collectors alike centering around who actually owns the art and does a machine have the capability to think as creatively as a human? Invaluable created a few visuals that explore these questions and dive into the world of AI-generated artwork. Chceck them out below.

How artificial intelligence is changing visual arts [infographics] 1

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