How Australia Became the Cultural Nexus for Games Development

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How Australia Became the Cultural Nexus for Games Development 1

When we look at maps of the world, Australia is that big continental island way down in the Southern Hemisphere, bearing a striking resemblance to the head of a Scottie dog looking to the left towards the Indian ocean. Although that might seem quite a long way from the other landmasses, such as mainland Asia or Africa, Europe and the Americas, the country has actually become something of a global technology nexus during the last decade.


Communications have certainly made our world a much smaller place, making it both easier to travel and instantaneously connect with friends and colleagues in virtually any country. But given the geolocation and rich diversity of cultural influences, Australia has formed a bridge between East and West, making it an ideal place for games development.

Domestic market that’s entertained and engaged

While the population of Australia is relatively small, reaching just over 26.5 million people in 2023, more than 80% of people view gaming as their favourite pastime. And this entertainment segment has absolutely boomed in recent years, rapidly gaining millions of active participants, resulting in a domestic marketplace generating multiple billions of dollars in revenues.

Overall, combining both mainstream gaming and the iGaming segments, with the latter focused on gambling activities including casino gaming, end of year projections for 2023 indicate the industry will be worth more than $13.5 billion AUD. Both gaming segments have also enjoyed consistent growth, which is projected to continue over the next several years, based on Statista market data:

Such numbers are given credence by the Australia Plays 2023 report, published by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), highlighting that 94% of households have at least one device for playing games. Another interesting data point is that 79% of gamers are adults aged 18 and over, and that’s also the primary target audience for the iGaming segment, given that players must be of legal age to participate.

Australians have always had a strong affinity for games of chance, and that explains why casino games like pokies are hugely popular Down Under, particularly now the vast majority play at online sites. According to Gamble Online Australia reviews and guides, there are thousands of pokies to choose from:

The short and tall analysis is that nowadays, choice really matters, and Australia has become a gaming nation, thoroughly enjoying the high levels of engagement and entertainment available. But another factor is also worth considering, which is how the country itself has embraced gaming culture in the 21st century, creating just the right kind of environment for the games industry to thrive.

Melting pot of ideas and innovation

How Australia Became the Cultural Nexus for Games Development 2

Given how central gaming has become in everyday life, Australia itself has quickly recognised the importance of creating a supportive environment for the industry, and its various different segments. Development studios are thriving across all ends of the scale, from indie outfits to small studios and right up to giant international corporations.

National and state governments actually provide grants and assistance, helping studios and publishers get established, along with encouraging overseas investment. This has generated a positive impact on employment. Likewise, outstanding educational institutions provide dedicated courses on games development, and satellite vocations that also revolve around the industry.

Factors like these are key contributors to a games industry that can genuinely thrive. Technology professional association ACS has often reported the positive signals, highlighting that Australian games development studios are continually expanding, boosting the local economy and creating new employment:

But one of the major ingredients is the cultural and societal makeup of Australia itself. The country remains an immigration nation, attracting skilled professionals and talents from every corner of the globe. The rich mixture of national identities has created a melting pot of ideas and creativity, and those are certainly notable when it comes to innovative games production Down Under.

And this brings us full circle to the descriptive way this article began. Australia may be distant geographically from key international markets, but economically, socially, and culturally, the country has established itself as a major development hub. It understands and speaks the gaming language of two distinct regions, providing the communicative link between Asian and Western regions, each of which have their own unique challenges and preferences.

Ideally positioned for continued gaming success

Australia certainly has a bright future ahead in gaming, both in terms of entertaining its populace, and having established a thriving industry that has gained international recognition for development. In little under a decade, this location has become one of the world leaders in game production.

The supportive local society and culture will ensure that for generations to come, this country will remain at the cutting edge of new ideas and innovations, making it a fun and exciting place for this fascinating niche of entertainment.

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