How automated delivery systems work in 2022

How automated delivery systems work in 2022 1

In this bullet train era, dreams are transforming into reality. The dream of an autonomous delivery system for delivering packages to the last pile of customers will become a reality very soon. The technology giant Google got the patent for the dream of delivering packages autonomously to the final user. An article published in quartz has confirmed the news of the same.

Autonomous cars are exclusively worked upon by Google. The experiments are already being conducted in the United States in the field of real-life traffic conditions. Surprisingly, these cars didn’t even record a single accidental case. Google is spending its time on its own prototype and also on some other car manufacturers like Lexus & Toyota. However, it is not yet confirmed by Google how the autonomous delivery trucks will drive on the roads. The date is not yet announced about how and when this autonomous delivery system will be the next reality of the world and take a kick start.

How does an autonomous delivery system work?

As per the representation of patent filings, Google’s package delivery system, or we can say the autonomous delivery system is another name for driverless vehicles having multiple compartments. Each compartment has a unique unlock pin code. The pin code is shared with the users on their smartphones to unlock the compartments and vanish goods orders. Google has already made a setup for controlling the car via android auto.

This last mile vehicle in the system contains every category of sensors, camera, radars, and live feed mapping and traffic situations. The complexities are resolved by these unique algorithms. In case the delivery car is nearby the customer, the customer will automatically receive an alert of the delivery and give an idea to get ready for the pickup. The autonomous car facilitates card swipe payments as well.

Benefits of autonomous delivery systems to e-commerce or online businesses and the courier service industry:

Autonomous delivery systems will be beneficial for large courier & e-commerce companies. Their fleets of trucks and other delivery automobiles are easily manageable by the system. The primary benefit of the system is that it will speed up the delivery process and can remove the complexities of delivery by offering fast, easy, and simple operations.

Nowadays, e-commerce business platforms are increasing exponentially with various offerings to attract customers and to make on-time delivery of the product. Likewise, any other online shopping platform (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) applies offers on their products with less delivery waiting time. Thus, autonomous delivery cars will complement the product supply chain and would be beneficiary for the end customers.

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