How Big Data Is Influencing Social Media Marketing ?

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How Big Data Is Influencing Social Media Marketing nowadays?
How Big Data Is Influencing Social Media Marketing nowadays?

The sole purpose of social media is to connect with friends remotely. But nowadays the purpose seems to have changed. Besides connecting with friends it became a platform for advertisement. Not only its a campaign for attracting customers but also inputs are to be gathered for the planning of social media strategies in future. By accessing the profile of the user we can collect an enormous amount of data with the help of likes, shares and comments. Data is doubling for every 2 years with an estimation to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. No matter how small or big the company may be its high time to use big data for innovative purposes.


Big data based on the likes and dislikes of customers will help the brands to approach their customers in a more personalized way. It will help to display only the advertisements in which the customers are interested based on their posts and shares. Personalized adds will make the relationship between the users and companies strong.

1.Concept Of Big Data Through Social Media:

Social media analytics is the best example of how big data is shaping our lives. The information which is collected from the users will provide an outlook and better understanding of customer behaviour and keep track of the target audience. Within the digital marketing spectrum, the big data is targeting on social media.

2.Big Data For Product Insight:

Big data is to be used by social media marketers to asses the future buying patterns of the customers and the latest trends people are expecting. It will help to gather the comments, rating and complaints about their product and produce a better version of the product in future. Faults of the product, missing parts are to be analyzed by the business with the help of big data. With the help of reviews from the customers, you may even come up with an innovative product.

3.Big Data For Decision Making:

Marketers can identify trends in social media and gain insight with the help of big data. It gives a vision of which group of audiences is to be targeted and which group of people will receive their marketing emails. Instead of relying solely on past performance big data will helps to meet the expectations and future needs of the customers. It will track all the demographics which decides the social media platform be targeted. The sentiments of the market are to be analyzed easily with the help of big data.

4.Creating Social Media Strategy with Big Data:

The unstructured data which is obtained from the big data is to be developed in a structured manner. Based on the insight we can draw the best possible strategies that ensures the key factor to obtain the customer satisfied results.

With the help of strategy, you can create the content which suits the customers, which is a crucial thing for the success of the strategy.And then you can target the audience from previous results. Big data plays a key role in all the marketing techniques. Whatever might be the company, big data plays a crucial role.

5.Effectiveness Of Campaign:

The performance of social media changes and the changes in ROI are tracked with the help of Big Data. Marketers can make a test of the campaigns before launching, analysis of the result, making changes of the campaign and reset it if required. There are some tools like predictive analysis which helps to take decisions regarding the pause of a campaign to avoid loss.

Big data will helps to look in the insight of estimating the peak timings of customers, behaviour and preferences. The important information like the purchase of the first stage to post-purchase interaction will help to take decisions at every stage of the cycle.

6. 3 Vs Of Big Data:


The number of units of data is to be shared is referred to as a volume.


Velocity is referred to as many terms like whether it is a real-time or near real-time data. Whether it is one time or repeated event.


What kind of data is to be shared with the user. It is more like a comment, share or tweet. Whether it has been shared on Google plus, facebook or youtube.

Real-time facts about Big data and social media:

1.There will be 2.5 connections per person or 18.9 billion network connections by 2016.

2.30 billions of content are to be shared every day on Facebook.

3.4 Billion hour videos are to be watched on youtube every day.

4.Ip of every user is to be tracked by the facebook about user login and 800-page size of data will be recorded for every user.

5.500 times more data than Stock Exchange Market of New York are to be recorded when compared with Facebook.

6.12 times more data is produced by Twitter when compared with the New York stock exchange.

This will give us a clear idea regarding Big data.

7.How to use Big Data for your campaign:

You need to answer a few questions before using big data for your marketing. If all the answers are yes then you can use the big data. Here are the questions:

– Have you ever feel like to know the feeling of the customer about your brand?

-Have you ever felt like boosting up loyalty towards your customer by providing more than what they are expecting?

-Have you ever felt like knowing about the customers even though they are not in contact with you?

-Do you want to know more information about your customer than what is presented?

With the help of big data, we can enhance our business in many ways. It gives us insight into how to make healthy decisions. The more you know about the customer the more you can target the audience. With the help of big data, we can get a far deeper understanding of how the customer is interacting with your brand with the help of comments and likes. But the marketers must make sure to provide the secrecy regarding the personal data of the users.

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