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How Big Is Too Big?

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The internet has come a long way since its inception and with that the content has evolved as well, this evolution has given the consumers a new perspective towards media consumption and more and more people are shifting from TVs,Computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones. With this paradigm shift in communication, companies are trying every trick they can to bring more and more customers to buy their products. Case in point, the phablet (Phone cum Tablet) revolution which is all about making the screens on the phones bigger and better in every which way so as to cater to the consumers’ growing demand.



Ever since Samsung first introduced the Note series it faced quite a lot of slack for making such a huge phone but eventually all of us have loved a bigger screen as it makes Media consumption so much easier. Although there are a lot of phablets out there in the market currently and a 5 inch screen has become the norm there are some companies trying really hard to push this screen size war to another level altogether: Companies like Sony, Lenovo, Micromax, LG and now recently Xiaomi have jumped into the rat race to satisfy the consumers.



There have been a lot of large screen phones in the market of late and some have been loved immensely by the users while others have failed rather horrendously. Case in point the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, a phone launched circa 2013 was a lab experiment gone wrong. The phone although was decent lacked major components that even the lowest range phone offered at the time like an LED flash, the Z ultra paved a road for the future of big screen phones though which gave rise to a new cross-over between a tablet and a phone which attracted a lot of companies. Lenovo has been working with this concept and has introduced a new line-up called the “Phab” which is basically a7-inchh tablet in a smaller form factor with all the facilities of a smartphone.

Xiaomi recently launched the Mi Max in the Chinese market to try their hand at the super large screen phones; the phone sports a 6.44 inch Full HD display which steals the show while it runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 650/652 under the hood with either 3/4 GB of RAM and 32/64/128 GB of internal storage, but will this phone work in India? The simple answer would be YES. We’ve seen a rise in the demand for big screen phones and developing countries like India are at the forefront for this and since there so much demand the supply is bound to be consumed.



The question still remains though that how big is too big? To answer that you’d have to ask it to yourself because it depends on personal preferences from user to user, some prefer a large screen device while some despise it. I personally come under the latter category and prefer to have either smaller device or a larger device in smaller form factors. But from the market scenario of the country, it is clear that big screen phones are loved and accepted by a majority of the consumers while small screen phones are almost on the verge of extinction.



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