How Big Tech is Redefining How We Earn and Play with Real Money

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How Big Tech is Redefining How We Earn and Play with Real Money 1

As we kick off 2024, the gig economy continues growing at an exponential rate. It seems today’s workforce is all about short-term contracts, engaging in freelance work, and handling one-off projects. Thanks to online platforms and the internet, people who are a part of the gig working economy can easily share their talents and services with clients around the world. This could mean driving for a rideshare company, designing a casino game, or giving expert advice as a consultant. The gig economy lets people choose when and how they work and lets them switch to their online hobbies of choice quickly, whether that be video games or virtual poker.


This new method of working doesn’t come without it’s downsides. Even though gig workers aren’t tied down to a regular office job, they often don’t get benefits like health insurance, retirement savings plans, or steady work. Let’s explore how big tech makes gig workers’ lives simpler and the hurdles that lie ahead.

Tech Upgrades That Change How We Work

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we work by hooking up everyday items to the internet. By putting smart sensors in tools, cars, and wearable tech, we can get information as things happen. For people who do short-term jobs, this means they can do more in less time and spot problems early—with a warning sent straight to their phone if a piece of equipment is about to break, they can fix it fast, avoiding long lapses in work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are undoubtedly making a massive impact as well. AI programs look through huge amounts of data, figuring out complex trends and taking over routine tasks. Short-term workers get a lot from AI tools that make repetitive jobs faster, like chatbots that answer basic customer questions. Some experts claim AI will be able to automate up to 70% of everyday tasks. This has huge implications for the gig economy.

Gig Workers Impacting Online Entertainment

Big tech companies have greatly impacted how we play with real money during our time off the clock. The popularity of virtual casinos—facilitated by tech platforms—has transformed traditional gambling experiences. Players can now tap into assortments of games from slots to poker without leaving their homes, and therefore as soon as they finish up with their gig work for the day. These companies have revolutionized payment methods within online casinos too. Now you’re able to quickly transfer funds to your account and start blowing off some steam at the blackjack table in no time. 

You’d also be surprised but how many of those slot games you play on a day-to-day basis were designed by another gig colleague. Online casinos often utilize data analytics to help with making smart design choices. Online casinos process loads of data to match players and games well. The gig economy is no different, especially if you take a look at the data available. Freelancers can dig into info about what’s hot in the market, how much to charge, and what clients want. Knowing when there’s a rush for work or new kinds of jobs popping up means they can grab these opportunities and make more money.

Finding Your Way in the Future

People in the gig economy will need to continuously learn new skills, especially in emerging tech, to stay ahead and beat the competition. Taking online classes, getting certificates, and earning mini-qualifications help these workers keep up. Businesses also see how valuable skilled freelancers are because they can start working well right away.

Countries and companies need to think again about how to support these workers. Benefits that move with you from job to job can give gig workers some security. Things like health insurance, saving for retirement, and making sure they have an income should be available no matter how they work. If we welcome new ideas, make sure everyone is included, and take care of workers, we can create a working future that’s good for everyone. Let’s recognize what’s great about the gig economy while also tackling its issues with hope and determination.

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