Blockchain-Based Governance Enables AI Transparency and Accountability

By Srikanth
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Blockchain-based AI governance is one of the major approaches to be considered.  Blockchain-Based Governance helps in ensuring ethical, transparency, and accountability. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems generally use all these factors. By leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain, AI governance can actively maintain the records, verify things, audit the data, and take the prominent decisions and actions of AI models in a decentralized way.


All these factors are again essential to build trust and confidence among AI application stakeholders, including developers, users, regulators, and society at large.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology increasingly influences how social license is granted. Fortunately, amidst widespread public mistrust of artificial intelligence, the better utilization of blockchain technology for AI governance can help companies to build public trust in their responsible usage of this technology and facilitate the social license.

Here in this article form, the backbone of transparent and auditable mechanisms for AI systems can be visualized.

Artificial intelligence is a powerhouse that transforms every aspect of our lives, such as organizational approach, corporate, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. On the other hand, AI governance is the formulation of policies and guidelines for the ethical management of artificial intelligence. The blockchain can keep the records each time the variable is used in this model. For example, any code adopted from code stores, written new, and changes made can be kept safe.

Availability of un-regularity may lead to privacy infringement, bias propagation, or unchecked decision-making with far-reaching consequences. The launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI allowed both enthusiasts and critics to generate artificial intelligence to interact with the technology.

Most of the world’s population believes technology can transform the global economy by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and fostering a better decision-making process. However, some experts are much more focused on the potential consequences of the technology once they are active in usability.

Hinton and a notable group of 350 individuals alerted the world about the AI’s possible hazards. They aim to slow down AI evolution by allowing ample time to draft some of the major and essential policies for overseeing this rapid expansion of the technology.

In conclusion, blockchain allows complex AI models to become transparent and auditable. These are some of the critical factors required to make AI technology accountable and trustworthy.

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