How bookmakers use marketing to beat the competition

How bookmakers use marketing to beat the competition 1

The online gambling industry is one of the most competitive in the world of business. The invention and growth in popularity of online gambling mean bookmakers and casinos no longer require a physical presence on the high street. That has led to a reduction in the number of betting offices but a sharp increase in the number of betting apps available on Android and iOS smartphones.

We see easily see the evidence of a steady flow of new online betting apps joining an already crowded market. To be successful in this sector, a sports betting app can’t rely on reputation alone. Simply offering a customer the best betting experience, most generous odds, and standout customer service alone is not going to cut it. To be a success and attract a consistent stream of new customers to their app, sportsbooks must also encourage you to choose them over the competition.

How do they do that? Through clever marketing, of course. If a bookie wants you to gamble on the NFL or use your March Madness betting strategy at their site, they must make it worth your while. They do this through several different approaches, including offering new customers a welcome bonus free bet.

To stand out in such a crowded marketplace takes skill, planning and determination. Marketing teams operating in other areas of business can learn a lot from the marketing teams working at bookmakers. In this article, we pick out some of the tried and tested tricks of the trade that are transferable to your business regardless of the industry you operate in.

Welcome bonus

The best way for businesses to make waves in the gambling industry is to offer new customers a reason to choose one bookie over the wide range of others. The top performing betting apps have the best and most generous welcome bonuses. These deals are available in many different shapes and sizes, ensuring there’s something to suit all types of bettors and sports fans.

The most popular at present is the deposit matched free bet welcome bonus. This is available at a large number of bookies and it appeals to hundreds of bettors every week. This type of promo is simple, to get started you must create an account at a bookie, then make your first deposit and finally place a bet. When your qualifying wager has a result, the welcome bonus due to you will be added to your betting account. It is often a 100% to 200% welcome bonus.

An example of this would be registering an account, betting $50 on an NFL match and receiving a $50 free bet. This approach works well and is appealing for both the bookie and the bettor. From the bookmaker’s point of view, they know they are rewarding a customer who is serious about joining the site and using the app for betting, rather than just signing up for the free bet then moving on to their next victim. For you as a bettor, you are in complete control of how much you spend and how big a free bet you receive. That makes it excellent for budgeting and ideal for planning your bets.

It has become one of the most implemented marketing strategies used by such apps in recent times. Inspiration for these welcome offers could be utilised with great success in any industry.

Generous odds

Another tool used by the marketing and trading team is to offer generous odds and this can be replicated in any industry. It’s simply offering a more generous service than you’d find at the competition. There is a little more to it though.

Within horse racing, the traders pick a popular horse or selection then constantly track the odds offered on that bet by other bookies, beating them at every turn. Similarly in soccer, if the pick was Man City to win the Champions League, for example, and all bookies have one price, a bookie would go a little bigger. The marketing team would then make a song and dance about the fact they have the biggest odds on the most popular selection, a price you won’t find anywhere else.

Consumers want to feel as though they are getting great value for money and so this marketing strategy acts as an appealing tool to attract customers. 


Nowadays we are living in an era when convenience is everything. For consumers shopping for clothing online, ordering food delivery, and even our leisure time activities such as tv and music all need to be quick and easy to access.

Within betting the introduction of app, available 24/7 on our mobile devices, have revolutionised the industry. Now you can access your favourite sportsbooks with ease and a simple the touch of a button without missing a thing.

24/7 customer service

Great promotions and generous odds are one thing but they aren’t worth as much without great customer service. The top bookies make sure their live chat feature is available around the clock. That means a customer can always seek advice and assistance online, regardless of when they are betting. Customers appreciate high quality customer service and it makes perfect sense. If a sportsbook accepts bets around the clock, they should offer assistance 24/7. As a business if you want the repeated custom and loyalty of users you need to treat them well as there are plenty of other options out in the market.  

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