How Can Your Business Benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an entirely new form of technology. A business should embrace it rather than fearing it because it opens up a wealth of new opportunities. Artificial intelligence can have a informational impact on your marketing and sales. According to a survey by Gartner artificial intelligence will be the top investment priority of 30% of the CIO’s globally by the end of the year 2020.

Many forms of software based on Artificial intelligence (AI) are used in today’s world by a number of small and big businesses which includes chatbots, digital assistant, robots etc. The concept of AI has made the machines capable of performing human-like tasks and has also given them the power to make decisions based on their earlier experience. It is truly a magic of science because a few years back no one can even imagine such complex tasks will be done by machines.

Artificial Intelligence combines fast processing speed and intelligent algorithm which makes it capable of processing bulk of data in the matter of seconds. AI has not replaced the humans no one can but instead it has helped in saving valuable time which can be utilized in more important and productive tasks. It can help your business grow in numerous ways. First of all single software can replace thousands of men and thus decreases the workforce and saving the money. Secondly, it is more consistent and reliable.

A human may be wrong and can do mistakes but it cannot. As you all know even the most minor mistakes may results in the loss of thousands of dollars therefore by using a well designed Artificial Intelligence-based application you decrease the chances of errors to a lot of extents. It does 100% error free work without any chances of mistakes and thus keeping your mind at peace.

Here are some more ways how Artificial Intelligence can benefit your business


How Can Your Business Benefit from AI 1

It is really important for a brand to solve the problems and queries of your customers in the shortest possible time. This increases the customer loyalty and also helps in the brand establishment. You can do this effectively with the help of chatbots. Chatbots are nothing but a program or software which is capable of doing real conversations with your customers. These bots can understand the meaning of spoken or written text and then can answer accordingly.

Chatbots are of two types one is command based while the other is AI-based among which the AI based bots are more successful and efficient. It can answer each and every question of your customer as it uses language processing method to create replies. It only gets smarter over time because it learns from its past experiences.

Automation of work

How Can Your Business Benefit from AI 2

The rise of the Artificial Intelligence has brought a revolution in the field of business. By using AI technology you can automate many different tasks from booking a room in a hotel to ordering food online and much more.

Real-time digital assistance

Artificial Intelligence has made possible to interact with millions of people at the same time without any struggles. International Airlines use this method to keep their customers informed about the flight schedule and other information. You can also apply this concept to your business to keep your clients updated all the time.

Increase in business efficiency

How Can Your Business Benefit from AI 3

AI systems can handle all the routine and time-consuming tasks and thus saving time for your employees to focus on more productive things. This can greatly benefit small businesses as they only have limited resources.

Developing an Artificial Intelligence-based application which is capable of handling a number of tasks effortlessly and without making mistakes is not an easy task. It requires one to follow a number of steps which includes complex coding, intelligent algorithms and wireframing. Therefore it should be left to experienced professionals only. For developing an application which works on the principle of AI you can take the help of an iOS app development team or website. They will help you build an application or software which can handle a bulk of tasks in just a few seconds.

The application will be capable of answering all the queries of your customers related to the products and services you provide, it can also solve some of their basic problems this results in an increased customer trust and relationship with the brand. It will take you far more ahead than your competitors by saving both your time and money and also by increasing the productivity.

Written by James Tredwell

James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology. you can reach him @ [email protected]

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