How chat-bot integration can influence traffic engagement and conversions?

How chat-bot integration can influence traffic engagement and conversions?

5% online leads were reported to generate in real estate deals in 2014.

Such leads come via ads or organic search which lack the targeted focus necessary to improve the likelihood of a sale. Thus, most marketing agencies still consider referrals as the best prospect.

Generating unvarying high-quality link is vital for any business but, can be arduous. When these potential customers reach your website in search of information, you must be prepared for them to clarify the answers they seek.

These customers require a lot of information to gain confidence and deliver their personal information to you. They would like to get convinced and bring in trust by you to receive a good return of their investment.

Another impediment in getting a potential customer is that there are innumerable visitors who show interest but never make decisions. Despite your company have a panoply and a team to provide an adequate solution to your clients, somehow gain little out of substantial efforts and time.

Conventional methods of lead gathering, and generation offer poor returns. Through the traditional method, the conversion rate was estimated to hover between 0.5 to 2 % which is quite low when considering the efforts put in building potential clients.

A chatbot is one of the powerful customer service tools to overcome these impediments in many industries. You might have experienced one of these automated helpers pop out on websites (ready to help or answer your any question) while browsing.

A Chatbot is an autonomous program on a network that uses human language to communicate. A Chatbot is an AI assistant that has the capability to learn and perform tasks or services for an individual.

These automated bots are good at capturing leads at the initial level. Certainly, we shall see these bots to predict where a consumer is in the buying cycle. In the real estate industry, these bots are portraying as one of the most qualified prospects to agents by engaging visitors for higher lead conversions.

The corresponding multitude of tech companies has built their own Chabot platform with a pre-programmed response to certain questions generally asked. A chatbot can interpret the intentions of your visitor, thus, it is also stated as “secret sauce” of lead nurturing.

These automated bots are powered with a smart algorithm, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Chatbot assures companies to interact with the visitors more effectively than humans. At the same time, these Chatbots dramatically lower overhead costs.

Adidas, a shoe manufacturing brand, designed a Chatbot for their female-focused community Studio LDN. This Chatbot was built for interactive booking process for free fitness sessions offered by Adidas. This automated bot was the only method to drive engagement for them. Under this process, the user starts receiving reminders and messages from the fitness instructor after the bookings made.

A Bot can help the company at the very first event in the purchase path, so Adidas promoted their Bot across many channels. In the first two weeks, 2000 people signed up to participate with repeat use at 80%. Retention after a week was about 60% which the brand claims to be far better than an app.

Instabot is a proven Chatbot to increase conversions by 33% through targeting – different language audience demographics, curating information for each user and information for static websites. Instabot helps readers get specific information visiting the entire website and answer all the queries that could anyways convert them into leads.

B2B sales is another complex process where your business website is in the central. Whether you want to build a customer relationship or get into the highest search results, your website is the key unit of your sales process. One of the research found that it is hard for many consumers to navigate websites.

Chatbots here can help relieve the pain point by removing the friction along the customer’s journey and drive increased customer value in return. Their one of the influential features is knowing when to bring in an actual human for further conversation with a customer.

According to one of the research, about 80% of the brands will be using Chatbots for customer interaction by 2020.

Bots can be easily programmed to ask a set of questions related to the domain for gathering necessary information. For example, in a real estate, a bot can be programmed to ask price range, location, characteristics and preferred amenities for the customer looking for a property.

A Chatbot can work as an introducer, influencer as well as a closer too. Clothing store bots act as an assistant for humans shopping online. They prove to be helpful in purchasing by suggesting right clothing i.e. when purchasing a shirt, the bot will ask your height and weight to suggest you a pair of pants that goes appropriate with the shirt.

There is a myriad of examples where bots can act as an introduction to your company:

  • People are using Chatbots for advertising as well. Opting Chatbots for instant engagement is a great method. Instead of running Facebook Ads manually give them options like – “chat to see the latest styles” or “chat now to get 20% off” – this will help direct maximum people to your website. An example is: Real-time engagement for leads, Big Ads piloted a Chabot extension as a part of their PPC ads.

Using a gentle call-to-action could be more effective than a call-to-action “Buy Now”.

Instead of pushy ads, your bot is helping in cultivating relationships with your customers. To create a new business there are a variety of Chatbot platforms available in the market out of which few we have mentioned below:

1. Tars

This bot building platform builds bot to refurbish the static website landing pages and form filling methods. Tars help create a conversational workflow through the automated bot from scratch through a workflow builder or a pre-built template to build trust. Tars each Chatbot conversation lives on its own URL which can also be used as an AD campaign destination. With Tars digital bot, you can view, download and integrate your conversational data.

2. Botsify

Botsify gives you a bot that chats like a human, it helps in increasing your sales by 30% & reduce your costs by 80% using AI. Botsify automated bot lessens the burden of handling too many customers at a time. With easy customization, strong validation and smart API integration this digital bot can work on Slack, Google Sheets, Shopify, RSS Feed, Google Search & many more.

Bot engine builds suitable bot as per your need to get integrated with the Facebook messenger as well as your website’s Chatbot through an easy drag and drop interface to create your conversation scenario. Botsify provides some ready-made templates for teachers based on the topic by adding text, images, audio or video. Teachers in the educational sector can schedule messages and easy collection of information about students using forms.

3. Chatfuel    

Grow your business by automating your messenger with a Chatfuel bot, leading Chatbot platform for Facebook messenger. Small & mid-sized businesses are using Chatfuel made a bot to increase sales, improve conversions, qualify leads & automate support on Facebook. Some of the most recognizable brands that are currently using Chatfuel platform to build bots are TechCrunch, Adidas, Golden State Warriors & many more.

46% of all Messenger bots run on Chatfuel like Hello Fresh reduced their customer wait time by 38% and increased conversion rate by 44% with Chatfuel. Similarly, LEGO’s results showed a 3.4X increase in return on AD spend compared to website and about 71% reduction in cost per conversion.

4. FlowXO    

 Integrate Flow XO platform to build a bot of your own without the need for code. Flow XO lets you design your conversational flow by connecting a “trigger” for one or more actions. There are over 100 integrations/ trigger which can be used as a building block which includes utility modules as well as third-party services integration such as Google Sheets, Adobe Document Cloud, Bigcommerce, GitHub, Freshdesk and many more.

Flow XO Chatbot can provide a virtual welcome mat for the visitors by offering friendly greeting on their arrival, guiding them through the site and helping them find the necessary information. This intelligent Chatbot gathers information from a set of questions and answers a few of the questions to customers. Flow XO chatbot is also capable of taking payments through conversations which are processed using Stripe payment engine so, you don’t have to handle credit card information.

5. ChatterOn

ChatterOn is a Bot building platform that offers more than 20 pre-built Chatbots with intent, entities and conversion flow. This platform allows easy deployment of the bot with clout within minutes. Integrated with ML (Machine Learning), ChatterOn platform offers bot to provide an end-to-end solution. It also offers an easy connection with the backend APIs of other bots for seamless integration. ChatterOn bot building platform is well documented to offer a faster solution and can also handle all types of rich content response such as carousel, buttons, photos, gigs and videos for smooth interaction with the user.

Conclusion –

Today’s chatbots are backed with highly sophisticated algorithms and automation which are helpful in engaging your customers in a more personalized way. These automated bots can market or broadcast your offers easily along with quick and efficient customer support. And with the help of these bot builders, programming skills are no longer a barrier to build chatbots. This is what all a Bot can offer companies –

  1. A revolutionary way to reach consumers.
  2. Snackable data.
  3. Humanlike interaction
  4. Time & cost savior
  5. Always available.


Written by Ashley Marsh

Ashley Marsh is a Senior Content Editor at MAAN Softwares INC. She has been with this company for the past four years. Ashley specializes in technical writing with an emphasis on mobile app development, web design, and technology trends. Ashley finds covering the tech world to be an exciting and engaging experience as each day brings new and groundbreaking technologies to explore and write about. When she’s not writing about tech, she enjoys walking her two chihuahua-poodle mixes, Ginger and Pepper.

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