How Cloud and Smart Tools are Transforming Healthcare

Dr. Jeetu Nanda at Cone Health in Greensboro uses Epic to quickly organize patients' health records, enhancing healthcare.

By Sunil Sonkar
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How Cloud and Smart Tools are Transforming Healthcare

Dr. Jeetu Nanda, who is in charge at Cone Health in Greensboro, N.C., is using latest technology to improve healthcare. His team is using a system called Epic to keep tabs on patients’ health records. It is said that Epic can quickly gather information from different places and organize it all in one place.


Recently, his team moved the Epic system to the cloud using tools from a company called NetApp and Microsoft Azure. This cloud is like a super-big storage space for data. Dr. Nanda thinks it is awesome because there is always space for more data and it is safe.

Cone Health is saving a lot of money because they don’t need as much stuff in their own place. Now, the tech team has extra time to think of cool ideas, like making clever computer programs to help doctors look at digital pictures fast.

Getting important health data to doctors when they need it is a challenge. Mutaz Shegewi, a tech expert, says it is like having a big water hose of information and doctors need a way to drink just the right amount.

Other places like LCMC Health in New Orleans use special tech tools to make sure doctors can quickly get information about patients, even if their computers have issues.

In Tucson, Arizona, TMC Health is using Citrix DaaS and Pure Storage to make it easy for doctors to see important info on their computers. Dr. Joshua Lee, who is part of this, says it is like changing a big hose of information into a nice water fountain. He wants doctors to have the most important info easily, like getting a refreshing drink from a fountain.

Dr. Lee, who is a doctor too, uses his computer to find out about patients, like what issues they have. The computer even helps him know if a patient might get really sick soon. It is like having a super-smart assistant telling him important things.

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