How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness
How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

Previously cloud is made available only to big companies and is now made available to smaller businesses as well. With cloud computing era small companies are even overtaking larger companies. Everything is the on-demand basis from storage to security which gives freedom from investments. Most of the small businesses are being migrated to cloud and experience enormous benefits. In a study, it was revealed that in 2012, 4 cloud-based services are used by Us-based small businesses. By 2015 the number had grown to 7 cloud-based services.

In fact, the cloud is around us and we have seen a huge expansion of cloud computing and cloud services in our daily lives as consumers, from smartphone apps to banking to services like Gmail or Google Docs. Cloud computing is only an interesting subject for IT professionals or a very technical subject that is difficult to understand. There has never been a better time for small business owners to connect with the power of the cloud to encourage increased business productivity and profitability. If you look a little closer, you will find a number of ways cloud computing can help your business as well.

Businesses use cloud services at an increasing rate for obvious reasons.

  • Safe and affordable-base
  • Increase efficiency
  • Provide adjustments based on your business needs.

Here are 7 obvious reasons for gaining recognition of cloud computing mostly for small business:

Infrastructure Scaling:

One of the prominent application of cloud technology is infrastructure scaling. The most effective, responsive to demand and inexpensive is cloud-based data infrastructure. This technology has made payment for large local server space an outdated practice. By only paying for the server load you need, your costs for data management can be increased by use, providing the most economical solution for small businesses. By enhancing cloud-hosted infrastructure, failover systems can automatically enter if the host server becomes overloaded. Web-based trading, for example, inherently contains unpredictable servers, and an unexpected surge of popularity can potentially overload traditional servers and isolate most of your customers. critical moment.

Financial costs for Small Businesses:

The usage of cloud is based on pay-per-use and pay per- monthly basis. A small company which holds real data, employees and application the cost will make an average of 98$ per employee. Many small businesses need to maintain a server for a variety of reasons.

1.For determining who has access for the network.

2.For managing user accounts and network log-in.

3.Informational, login access and error codes for reviews.

4.Driver management and providing a self-contained printer queue.

  1. Hosting databases and business-specific applications.
  2. Providing a virtual private network for remote employees.

The productivity of small Bussiness:

The productivity of smaller business totally depends on access to needed resources. Helping of cloud implementation in productivity depends on the dispersed staff. The benefits diminish for regional or locally dispersed staff. For the accessing of cloud, a well-maintained internet connection is a must. Productivity is directly proportional to the internet connection. A well-maintained internet connection will result in the greater productivity of the company. If you planning to be productive without any internet then a local on-premise server is the best option.

Security concerns of small business:

Security is a major concern for many, especially for IT solutions. If any business is willing to use cloud without a server to handle the network then you might not have any idea about the authentication and access rights. Local desktops are nothing but dumb terminals if servers are not installed. Hackers, viruses, malware and safeguarding against improper use will get reduced. A major concern for any business is security, productivity, cost and data retention and accessibility. Eliminating the server will have an adverse effect on small business.

Better Output and Automation:

Car manufacturers prove that, by automating repetitive tasks, they can reduce errors and improve quality. Now, cloud computing can do the same for your business. For a good example of what this means, think about how automation has helped producers dramatically increase their output while cutting other costs. Cloud computing brings automation to small businesses, giving you the opportunity to improve your operations. In the past, only large companies were able to buy this type of technology. Now, available to everyone through the cloud.

Disaster Recovery and Backup:

Small companies are not locked if the hard drive fails or data is lost due to power outages. setting up an internal data backup system requires a lot of time and money. Because of this, survival ability is a luxury that is only enjoyed by large companies. Hard computing makes backup and disaster recovery easy because service providers have excessive systems that protect against hardware failures. Similarly, cloud providers do regular backups, so you have a good chance of surviving cyber attacks.

Flexibility and Scaling:

To manage the fluctuating demand companies will take help of cloud computing. For the accommodation of new users, companies need to buy servers and upgrade workstations. With cloud computing into the picture, we can expand our staff by logging into service providers for adding new users.

Cloud computing brings enormous benefits to your small business. It will give a place for your small firm to grow to an international level by opting various solutions.


Written by Siva Prasanna

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