How Cloud, Data and AI are Reshaping Capital Markets

Tech advancements like cloud computing, AI and data analytics are reshaping capital markets, offering new opportunities and changing how business is done.

By Sunil Sonkar
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How Cloud, Data and AI are Reshaping Capital Markets

The world of technology is undergoing rapid changes and equipped with growth and innovation in various sectors. Now, imagine a trio of technologies with cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. These together are reshaping the capital markets industry. It is creating new opportunities and simultaneously redefining the way we do business.


Cloud computing is offering a lifeline to the capital markets and is simultaneously providing scalable solutions with flexible pricing models. There is no worry about costly server centers any more as well as of security risks. Cloud solutions are making trading smoother and research work is becoming more accessible. Indian stock exchanges are gradually embracing cloud solutions to handle increased volumes to ensure faster order processing

Data analytics tools are unlocking the hidden potential. These are providing actionable insights that drive better investment decisions and enhance risk management as well. A plethora of wealth management companies in India are now using data analytics to personalize investment recommendations.

Imagine having a financial advisor at your fingertips. Imagine it is analyzing every trade instantly based on your financial profile. This is the power of AI in the capital markets. AI algorithms are learning from vast datasets as well as are optimizing trade execution. These are even detecting fraudulent activities. AI is already initiating 70% of conventional trades in the US trade market. Simultaneously, India is catching up fast. AI-powered robo-advisors are making wealth management easier for investors.

India’s digital infrastructure and tech-savvy population are primed for capital market innovation. Government has taken up several initiatives like Digital India in the direction to further fuel the adoption of the transformative technologies.

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