How Cloud Technology is Enhancing Patient Care

Cloud technology is revolutionizing healthcare, enhancing patient care and administration. Global spending on healthcare cloud technology is set to exceed $89 billion by 2027.

By Sunil Sonkar
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How Cloud Technology is Enhancing Patient Care

Cloud technology is revolutionizing healthcare lately. It is offering transformative progress in patient care as well as administration. The cloud-powered healthcare is witnessing evolution and the shift is being driven by the adoption of lightweight software versions that is leveraging cloud interoperability. It is learned that the global spending on such technology in healthcare is expected to surpass $89 billion by 2027. This indicates rapid growth and acceptance in the healthcare industry.


One of the primary drivers of this shift is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which is simply a cloud computing model that is known for migrating healthcare infrastructures. A Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32 percent is projected by 2027. This highlights significance in modernizing healthcare systems.

Apart from this, the healthcare organizations are simultaneously embracing DevOps practices as well as undergoing skill set transformations toward cloud-native technologies for the purpose of enhancing system reliability and efficiency too.

Cloud technology is utilized to run critical applications besides analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data and extract valuable insights through natural language processing capabilities. It plays important role in processing physician and lab notes to analyzing radiologist readings in enhancing clinical workflows as well as patient care.

There are several benefits of cloud solutions in healthcare. The technology accelerates clinical analyses and care processes as well. It automates data processing, increases patient data accessibility and reduces network equipment. Moreover, the technology simultaneously mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures security of sensitive healthcare information.

Meanwhile, the trend indicates a widespread adoption of cloud solutions. A 95 percent of healthcare providers are planning to move at least 50% of their applications to the cloud by 2025. The rapid adoption highlights the industry’s recognition of cloud technology as a strategic necessity for achieving a more connected and patient-centered healthcare future.

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