How Dell APEX File Storage Redefining Cloud Computing

Dell APEX File Storage for Azure revolutionizes cloud computing with PowerScale OneFS, offering unmatched performance and scalability for AI-driven insights.

By Sunil Sonkar
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How Dell APEX File Storage Redefining Cloud Computing

Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure lately seems to be a groundbreaking solution. It is capable in bridging the gap between cloud storage and AI-driven insights. With the help of PowerScale OneFS technology, which is utilized by more than 16,000 customers globally, the Dell APEX File Storage for Azure is empowering businesses in managing their data more efficiently as well as unlocking the full potential of AI-driven insights. The approach is highly innovative and marks a significant milestone in cloud computing segment of advanced technology. It is offering unparalleled performance as well as scalability.


Customer feedback highlights the transformative impact of Dell APEX File Storage. A couple of multinational telecommunications companies are praising its ability to streamline storage environments and simultaneously enhance operational efficiency. The commitment of Dell to customer satisfaction has been further exemplified through its proactive support services. The support team ensures minimal disruptions and maximum productivity for businesses leveraging APEX File Storage for Azure.

If compared with that of Azure NetApp Files, the Dell division boasts exceptional performance metrics and it includes six times greater cluster performance as well as up to 11 times larger namespace. Moreover, all these advancements ensure scalability and flexibility without any compromise with the ease of management, which is of course a crucial factor in dynamic business environment.

Dell has a customer-centric approach and aims to simplify multicloud deployment. Its automated replication tools facilitate seamless data movement without any need for changes to the underlying storage architecture. Moreover, the advanced data services as well as scalable capacity of up to 5.6PiB provide businesses the flexibility to manage their respective changing workload demands effectively.

Businesses can now power the most demanding workloads with Dell and simultaneously gain actionable insights from their data. Dell APEX File Storage for Azure offers a pathway to innovation.

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