How digital marketing impacts business growth

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How digital marketing impacts business growth

Technologies and the way we apply them keep changing constantly. Irrespective of the size and industry, any business needs to furnish itself with the evolving trends to compete. To have a space for itself, every business is trying to find that lucrative position online. A simple example of how the tiles, bricks and other relative industries are opening their e-Commerce markets and venturing on various media! Digital marketing has certainly made a strong place in the growth of an organization. In this article, we will see how the strategies of digital marketing can impact business growth.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is no different to the traditional methods of simply selling what you want to sell. But the game-changing plan is, putting those best practices for turning marketing into conversion. Because it is just marketing done in the right way, targeting the right audience and on the right platform. That is selling products with great tactics of attracting customers by social media, email, online and search. Once you know the impacts it has on transforming the face of a business, no one would ever miss a chance.

Digital Marketing Impact on business growth

  • Levels the playing field

Digital marketing transformed the marketing strategies as a low hanging fruit that you need to grab. Earlier a team working on marketing was limited to big organizations. But now, even the start-ups could give a tough competition with the available resources. Thereby, levelling up the playing field, giving equal opportunities to every business around.

  • Cost-Effective

Digital marketing has shown considerable savings for organizations. Small businesses that have low capitals and resources could afford digital marketing for promoting their services and products. A survey showed about 40% of savings take place by digital marketing and about 28% of the existing and emerging business owners are considering shifting from traditional practices to digital.

  • Delivers conversion

The success of marketing is achieved when the traffic reaching the online marketing has turned into a conversion of sales, leads, subscribers etc. Any digital marketer concentrates on the brand, social media, content marketing and conversion optimization. With best techniques like SEO, email marketing and business SMS, one can pull those attracted targets into possible customers.

  • Generate revenues

Effective digital marketing drives an organization for huge conversion rates that can generate profitable revenues. As per the latest survey done, the growth expectancy is 2.8 times higher with digital marketing than the regular businesses. The budding businesses have a growth opportunity 3 times larger than a non-digital force. 

  • Targeted audience

One of the best practice any business should hold is customer interaction. Understanding your customers and delivering what they need in real-time can promote your growth to the next levels seamlessly. Precise marketing reaches the required audience. The targeted audience that is engaged well can turn it into customer retention. Thereby, generating revenues, enhancing upsell and cross-sell rates.

  • Mobile consumer

Now how many of you will open a laptop to place an order or buy something? That is a tricky question there. Because mobile phones becoming handy and easier to access than other devices. Digital marketing should be able to cater to not just a few devices but more mobile-friendly. This can help a customer to make purchase decisions right away. Most business organizations have customized their websites into a mobile-friendly view for better accessibility.

  • Brand Reputation

Digital marketing can create a remarkable brand reputation. For instance, attention paid to the customer in meeting their requirements can convert them to be a loyal customer. This engagement leads to an enhanced customer relationship. Thereby, making your customer, the best brand ambassador ever. 

  • ROI

Digital marketing helps to provide a better ROI. This happens because of the constant flow generated by the targeted audience who convert an engagement into a lead or sales. This kind of traffic generated regularly can fasten your ROI than you can ever realize.

  • Trust

For a brand to build a name it needs trust. Most precisely people’s trust. Digital marketing also means continuously taking feedbacks and testimonials from the customers and clients and providing it to the online traffic transparently. This helps a new customer to form trust. Just tell me, why do we read reviews of an unknown person before purchasing on an eCommerce site? To form trust.

  • Favourable action

What can a visitor do on your website? This answer helps a better call to action that can build a connection to drive a visitor to conversion. Introducing customised buttons, graphics, designs and engagement can help a visitor to do what you want him to do along with serving their purpose. For instance, asking the visitor to signup, download, like, contact and buy are few options that you place for engaging.

The IoT landing everywhere, making marketing a significantly interconnected grid. Digital marketing is simply what you deliver, how you do it and when exactly. These strategies can not just create great traffic to your site, but also generate impactful growth series.

Levelling the inequalities, creating cost-effective techniques, generating huge conversion rates and great customer engagement can create remarkable growth for your business. How you plan and execute it will largely make a difference. Finally, digital marketing is not just a technique to sell your products but also survival for your online business. It is such an impactful tool for your business growth. Have you considered digital marketing for your business yet?

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