How Does ePrescribing Help Your Health Business

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How Does ePrescribing Help Your Health Business 1

Modern and advanced technology offer a great advantage for businesses nowadays. One of the innovative technological solutions in the health industry is ePrescribing. Electronic prescribing or ePrescribing is an alternative way to provide prescriptions through computer devices, such as laptops, tablets, or desktop computers. 

Electronic prescriptions are now supplementing, and even replacing, traditional paper and faxed prescriptions. A special software program transmits electronic prescriptions to pharmacies through an internet connection, so they can start filling medications right away.  

The benefits of ePrescribing include providing good quality health care by allowing providers to request prescription refills electronically and reducing medication errors. Apart from offering a safer, more convenient, and cheaper form of prescription, ePrescribing can also help health businesses in the ways discussed below. 

How Does ePrescribing Help Your Health Business 2
  1. Increases Productivity  

Clinics, hospitals, and medical centers are busy every day, and writing down prescriptions can be time-consuming, exhausting, and confusing. Electronic prescribing enables clinicians to refill hundreds of prescriptions simultaneously, which gives them more time to review each before dispensing. In short, ePrescribing increases productivity by: 

  • Minimizing prescription error rate  
  • Reducing no show appointments  
  • Increase patient handling rate  
  • Reduce time and effort on manual tasks 
  • Allows emergency prescription refill in case a patient loses medication access 

ePrescribing makes your health business more profitable. Learn more about the ePrescribing by reading this article

  1. Improves Business Workflow 

The workflow of a hospital or any health business must be efficient for both the health care staff and patients. With ePrescribing, physicians don’t need to spend so much time writing prescriptions and pharmacists don’t have to waste time trying to understand poorly handwritten prescriptions.  

Streamlining the exchange of prescription information across physician offices, urgent care centers, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance providers, and prescription benefit management companies help promote better workflow without compromising patients’ health. 

Physicians, pharmacists, and patients play an important role in the prescription process. Using ePrescribing, the system automatically sends text messages, voicemails, or emails to confirm a patient’s order and their pharmacy of choice. After which, pharmacies notify patients when a prescription is ready using the same pathways.  

Here are the advantages of having improved business workflow: 

  • Uninterrupted business transactions 
  • Reduce patients’ complaints associated with prescription errors 
  • Avoid facing legal problems due to incorrect prescriptions that led to patient injury 
  • Minimize expenses and increase net business revenue  
  1. Increases Trust Rating  

Electronic prescribing increases trust rating because it avoids prescribing different treatments or medications for similar ailments. Health businesses can integrate an e-prescription system with their medical transcription service to meet compliance requirements for greater data precision and accuracy.  

Your health business will attract more patients because you provide more accurate information and excellent prescription services than your competitors. Hence, you’ll have a higher trust rating and a better business reputation with automation

Take a look at the following business advantages of higher patient trust rating: 

  • Attract more investors and build more business partnerships 
  • Become an industry leader that adapts advanced medical technologies 
  • Help patients reduce medication cost with accurate prescriptions 
  • Promote patient medication adherence 
  • Increase profits because of a higher clinic or hospital traffic 
  1. Promotes Patient Safety And Better Experience 

Electronic prescribing prevents the occurrence of adverse drug events or ADE, an injury that results from drug-related medical intervention. Some examples of ADE include overdoses, allergic reactions, medication errors, and adverse drug reactions. According to a trusted source, ADE accounts for 1 in 3 of all hospital adverse events, 2 million hospital stays annually, and an additional 1.7 to 4.6 days of hospital stay. 

ADE can happen in outpatient settings, hospitals, and long-term care settings, which affect patient safety and experience. One of the best ways to prevent ADE is ePrescribing. Low cases of ADE will result in higher quality and safer delivery of healthcare services. It keeps consumers more informed and engaged, which improves health outcomes. 

  1. Augments Electronic Health Records  

E-prescription systems are designed to integrate with electronic health records seamlessly. EHR systems collect patient information, like family medical history. An EHR system can alert clinicians every time a prescription interferes with another treatment. Using an ePrescribing system ameliorates hospital EHR outcomes considerably. 

The following are the benefits of augmenting EHR: 

  • Promote patient safety across all health care settings  
  • Generate and transmit accurate patient records  
  • Reduce costs associated with data errors and resolution
  • Establish an accurate patient database to help with business financial reporting  


Indeed, ePrescribing completely revolutionizes the way clinics, hospitals, and other health businesses deliver healthcare. It promotes a more efficient, safer, and more convenient prescribing process than traditional methods. Increase your revenue as a business while providing excellent patient health care every time with electronic prescription systems. With ePrescription systems, health businesses can win more clients, investors, and partnerships.  

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