How Fem-Tech Startups are Redefining Women’s Health in India

By Sunil Sonkar
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How Fem-Tech Startups are Redefining Women's Health in India

Fem-Tech startups are lately getting attention for focusing on women’s health needs. Even though women make up almost half of the population, their health needs often get overlooked.


More women are using digital healthcare tools. Data reveals it is 75% more than men. FemTech is becoming a big market, going from $18 billion in 2019 globally to possibly $60 billion by 2027.

Women’s health in India has both progress and challenges. Even though healthcare got better, there are issues with things like pregnancy, periods and sexual health. Not enough information, societal stigma and healthcare issues add to these challenges.

In India, Fem-Tech is important because people are becoming more aware and want healthcare solutions just for women. Companies are using technology to support pregnant women through apps and online health services.

FemTech startups are changing how we handle periods by offering eco-friendly and affordable products. They are also sharing helpful information with females. In sexual wellness, businesses are being more inclusive by offering private talks, real-time information tracking, and personalized products.

But, Fem-Tech in India has challenges. Society has problems and feels uncomfortable talking about women’s health, making it tough for people to accept. Also, not everyone has phones or internet access, creating a gap. It is really important to keep health information safe and private.

Even with challenges, there is good news. The government is making plans to support women’s health and use more technology. Fem-Tech startups are getting support with money and mentorship through special programs.

In the future, Fem-Tech in India looks really promising. New technology, such as AI and data analytics, is improving women’s healthcare by providing personalized solutions. This could mean spotting problems early and providing better treatments, making healthcare better for women everywhere.

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