How Human-Centric AI can Help your Employees Love Mondays Again

How Human-Centric AI can Help your Employees Love Mondays Again

The presence of Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. In today’s world from a small local business to a y big 500 Fortune companies, Artificial Intelligence is used everywhere. We see that the companies are investing a lot in Big Data. Any company, whose presence is found in the Internet, produces data. If you are looking for any local grocery store, oxygen supply from a medical store or you want a pest control, you see that small business located near your surrounding is promoting them. People don’t like to follow the traditional means of advertisement. They want to establish their business online. From searching hotels to booking flights, searching tutors to wedding photographers, job profiles from A-Z are found in the Internet platform.

Whatever your business is, managing human resource is really crucial. Retention problem is one of the key problems faced by the companies. Recruiting, identifying, sourcing the employees and later training them are a cost effective process. From $4000 to $60000 is invested in the first step of employee recruitment. After recruitment, retaining the employees is the vital part here. But the investment which is done does not give the right result always. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is found that an employee spends only 4.2 years with the company. In the Silicon Valley the result is much lower. This clearly shows that companies cannot retain their employees for a long time!

How can employees enjoy their work life is a key question here. In a case study in Facebook, it was found that if employees can focus on their strengths then they can improve their work. The more they concentrate on their strength the more they can promote themselves. If employees are enjoying their work, then the rate of retention is higher. If their talent is recognized and they get boost for it, an employee feels happy. They are more fulfilled at work life and the company becomes the best work places.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is helping in studying employee satisfaction. The machine analysis, predictive intelligence, process automation and recommendation all are helping the organizations. Complex study of the employees and how the employees are getting awarded are studied by the Artificial Intelligence. Employees are not only motivated by money. There are several other factors which motivates.

In a recent study of 400 CHROs it was found that the cognitive computing system is helping the HR. The HR operations can analysis about recruit people based on their skill sets. From talent development to talent acquitsions, all can be done. It also helps in saving time and reduces biases.

Engaging the employees in the workplace

The advanced means of biometric scan, text analysis and natural language processing are all helping in seeking employee details. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, biometric data, email communications can be improvised. Specific set of actions which can help in improving employee engagement can be studied also. If more number of employees is getting bored at work, then Artificial Intelligence can increase employee engagement in other ways. These will increase the employee engagement level also.

Changing the behavior and the employee culture enhancement

Companies can study the behavior of the employees with AI. They can study if the employees are promoted by any bias of the management or not. The patterns of the employees how they feel about their work can be studied. It can help managers to change their approach towards his colleagues. This helps in a collective manner. By conducting polls or studies amongst the employees can help in improving the working culture.

  • New skills

New skills can be identified by applying data analysis. This creates training programs and personalized careers also. AI can instruct and guide the employees. It sharpens the skills and develops it. The learning and development of the company can be enhanced. If the employees are happy at their work then they can produce better results. Efficiency level increases and absenteeism or retention decreases. They can learn to achieve their goals.

If the companies are engaging their employees in other sectors like in CSR activities or in any social gatherings then the employees become more familiar with the organization. Our workplace is the second home for us. AI thus makes employees love their Monday work life also.


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