How IBM is using A.I. for marketing For Customer Acquisition

How IBM is using A.I. for marketing For Customer Acquisition 1

Nowadays IBM is working so hard to disentangle the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence to clients by explaining to them how technology is helpful in making the decisions.

Eight-two percent of the C suite executives researched and revealed that they wanted to use the AI but were so much concerned about some of the unconscious bias and the skills which is needed. It is also offering the AI for a wide range of services and has also implemented it itself in the areas such as the recruitment where it is used to make sure that there is no bias in how the job description is written, according to the Senior Vice President of the IBM.

“Technology can help to make sure there’s no bias in promotions and the like and so (there is) this grounded belief at IBM that inclusion is part of our ‘brand state’,” she told CNBC’s “Marketing Media Money.”

There are various ways with the help of which marketers can best use Artificial Intelligence said the Peluso. The first thing is in getting to know customers.

“It allows us to understand more about our customers. We can analyze tone. We can listen in on chatbots, we can analyze personality and social (media), so we have the ability to develop a richer understanding of our customers,” she said.

Artificial Intelligence is also being nowadays in how business interacts with their customers, and allow the chatbots to answer the customer service queries. Lets say for example, the nature of advertising, where the tradionally messages are broadcast to people in just one way, could also become more of an interaction.

“We can say in a digital ad (for example) what’s in your refrigerator … And (it will) give you a great recipe, or (AI can) tell us why you’re interested in a certain car. And we’ll tailor the content live to make sure you’re getting the answer, so it will change (so the advertising is) actually interacting … with customers,” Peluso said.

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