How IoT is powering businesses across industries

How IoT is powering businesses across industries 1

The smartphone-driven IoT segment becomes a bit huger with every passing day. People are showing interest in the technology of IoT and want more things to be controlled and managed by it. Of course, the IoT technology has started to gain momentum in the market.

So what actually the technology of IoT is?

IoT or Internet of Things provides a way to create a network of physical devices, home-appliances, connected vehicles, and several other items that can be interacted, controlled, and managed through embedded software, sensors, electronics, actuators, and the other form of connectivity. Connections between devices and the user-end applications are based on the exchange of data wireless.

In other words, IoT devices can wirelessly be interacted with. If you want your bedroom to already have suitable air-conditioning when you reach your home, the IoT technology can help you do that. If you want your garage door to automatically open up when you are going to park your vehicle, the IoT technology can do this too. If you often mislay your important keys anywhere in your home and do not find them at the right time, then the IoT technology can help you in this case too.

There can be tons of practical user-cases in which the technology of IoT can make things simpler and, it’s not just for our home or car but for our workspaces, factory, machines and a lot more.

The applications of IoT Techonology

IoT is a part of digital disruption, which is positively affecting the life of us all. Here are the areas in which we can see the practical use of the technology.


Businesses in the e-commerce segment know that the better shopping they can offer to customers, the more they can generate revenue. This is where IoT can help them. It allows them to easily differentiate them from competitors. Walmart, for example, uses IoT to get insights about products popular on social media. E-commerce stores can also use IoT in inventory management, logistics management, etc.


The IoT technology can have a countless number of use-cases in healthcare segment to benefit patients, families, physicians, and other staffs. We are seeing the rapidly growing market of IoT based healthcare application development. These applications range from the remote monitoring to medication adherence and lot more.


Enterprises are learning about the benefits of connecting employees, systems and other things via the IoT technology. It helps them boost their efficiency and cut-down cost of running operations.


The transportation industry around to the world is taking IoT quite seriously and implementing the technology in connected cars, which make the driving more convenient. IoT makes cars smart so that they can execute a lot of process without any dependence on drivers.


Many companies are coming up with the idea of implementing IoT in the agriculture sector. It can help in renewing and revolutionising farming and agriculture processes. It can help farmers determining soil moisture capacity, controlling water usage and deciding the best solution.

Written by Arun Som

Arun is a Technical content writer at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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