How IoT is Revolutionizing India’s EV Sector

India aims for the third spot in the global auto market by 2030, led by a booming EV industry, with 8,38,766 units sold in the first seven months of 2023 and a projected 10 million annual EVs by 2030.

By Sunil Sonkar
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How IoT is Revolutionizing India's EV Sector

India is revving up its presence in the global automotive market and it is poised to grab the third spot by the year 2030. A significant force behind this surge is the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, with an impressive 8,38,766 units sold in the first seven months of 2023 and a projected annual count of 10 million EVs by 2030.


Guess what is making our electric cars so cool? It is the Internet of Things (IoT). It is making our cars smarter and more connected.

To make this happen, we are also adopting cool things like software-defined vehicles (SDVs). These make our vehicles even more connected by using the right technology as well as right hardware.

Now, why is this so important? Well, these changes are not just about advanced tech. These changes are making our cars better in three big ways: they are smarter, safer and kinder to the environment. But, there is a challenge – cybersecurity. We want to keep our car information safe from bad people. So, the folks who make cars are using special codes and safety tricks to make sure our info stays protected.

But there is more. If electric cars want to be kings of the roads, we need charging spots everywhere. And here is where IoT comes in again. Charging stations chat with each other to make your charging time easy and smooth.

Imagine every time your car charges, it is like a little conversation between your car and the charging station. These charging buddies share info about your car’s battery, how much power it is using and if there is any issue.

In the quest for cleaner and smarter travel, IoT is like a helpful sidekick. It helps with smart charging and linking cars to the power grid.

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