How is elementor working on Google’s Core Web Vitals Update

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How is elementor working on Google's Core Web Vitals Update

Core Web Vitals scores along with UX or User Experience will be two indispensable factors for you in 2021 provided you run a WordPress website. With the latest Core Web Vitals update from Google, WordPress websites need to work a lot on Google Page Speed mentor. There are factors such as LCP ( Largest Contentful Paint) and FID or First Input Delay to take into consideration. Elementor, the famed WordPress plugin entity itself, is venturing into the cautious initiative and various site speed-boosting strategies so that it can simplify page functions and help the client websites execute optimized functions and embrace rapid site performance.   


What is the elementor for SEO and web development processes?

It is a sturdy line of assistance for SEO professionals, web development pros and solopreneurs. You will need to consider this widget with utmost importance as you tend to focus on Google’s Core Web Vitals. The reason is that Elementor proposes to amp up the front end as well as backend functionalities of WordPress websites and thus initialize a whopping “core web vital score” on the Google search engine algorithm.

Let’s try and fathom out the relevance. 

Elementor, as a branded page builder plugin for WordPress, has already proved its mettle on a global scale. Very recently they have come up with a statement regarding an update that will help WordPress websites deal with page load issues. The update is inferred as Elementor version 3.2 and it guarantees that WordPress web pages will perk up their Core Web Vital Scores on Google.

What kind of improvement does this Elementor update dish out to beat Core Web Vitals?

If we go deep into the announcement stated by Elementor and run the diagnostic, we will come across these areas of enhancements:

  • The asset loading speed will be optimized exorbitantly. Elementor is looking intuitively into the crucial factor.
  • The update will initialize enhanced CSS Libraries as well as JavaScript.
  • It will improve the backend processes as well as internal processes.
  • Elementor updates will also cast a positive impact on the code output.
  • In place of the previous waypoint libraries, more focus is laid on the proper use of Native Intersection Observer API.
  • Elementor is also taking care of lazy items such as prolonged video content which takes too long to load.

Core Web Vitals update and how Elementor helps

These are quintessential performance metrics that help you analyse what kind of experience the page visitors are going to face when they tend to access a particular page through their mobile devices.  The analysis takes place, depending upon CrUX or Chrome User Experience Report. Google tends to collect these standard reports to make the correct assessment of the crucial user experience aspect.  

Core Web Vitals are important factors that help you rank on Google. So, you need to go over a few things that you can do (while using Elementor) and optimise the Core Web Vitals score for enhanced website performance.

Here’s a game plan that you can resort to:

How to Use Elementor to achieve better Core Web Vital Scores for SEO:-

To ensure that you don’t give up on user expectations, and keep providing what your visitors are coming to your website for, you should focus on the following measures:

  • Form a clear perception of the Core Web Vitals scores in the first place.
  • Gear up the precise set-up of your Elementor website.
  • Make sure you do your best to streamline the content of the website so that it looks simple to your target audience.
  • Try to curtail asset files that could take a toll on the website page loading speed. It is important that you start uploading only the most essential assets on the site.  
  • Now, it’s the perfect time to repair and enhance the Server Response Time. Elementor is doing its best to enhance Server Response Time for the client websites.
  • Make sure that you are going to give adequate time to enhance the interactivity aspects of each and every page.
  • Finally, you should do away with the layout shifts which are not in the right shape. Attaining proper visual stability for the web pages should be a top priority.

Initiatives that Elementor suggests from the site development perspectives

To keep the aspects of Core Web Vitals in check, here are some suggestions which you can ordain from the developer’s point of view.

  • Use the Elementor home page theme efficiently.
  • Choose proper hosting and server plan.
  • Use plugins such as SMRUSH, ELEMENTOR &HUMMINGBIRD.
  • Refine internal JS and CSS libraries.

The aforesaid implementation will help you improve upon your WordPress site performance. Thus, you can attain a comparatively better Core Web Vitals score.

The final takeaway

Elementor plugin updates are indeed crucial measures that you can resort to with confidence. Those who are enamoured with the essence of Elementor, feel that you are going to take pleasure in a good head start on the Core Web Vitals scores, provided you have the adroit support of the Elementor.  You can count on the code output enhancement protocols and backend processes that are being initialized by Elementor.

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