How is K-pop using meta verses?

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How is K-pop using meta verses? 1

K-pop is becoming a global phenomenon; the entire credit goes to a distinctive blend of melodies, slick choreography, production values, and endless performances of attractive South Korean performers who spend years in polishing studio systems where they are taught to sing and dance in symmetry.


How does Metaverse impact the K-pop industry?

During the pandemic phase, many industries saw drastic technological advancements that contain K-pop also, along with the latest ventures for K-pop companies, especially online concerts and virtual fan engagement events. An increasing number of K-pop acts have indulged in the metaverse. Metaverse works on sharing the virtual world where people can interact with each other by using avatars as their representatives; metaverses create virtual spaces so that the users can build stronger and closer connections with their fanbase. A group of girls named Billie interacts with their fans on a local telecommunication metaverse platform, SK Telecoms. The interaction with fans helps the girl’s group in expanding their presence in a 3-D virtual space.

Let’s find out how the K-pop metaverse will affect the entertainment industry.

Application of Metaverse in the K-pop Industry

Metaverse includes cutting-edge technologies by which the K-pop industry became popular. Digital technology has helped the common man to stay connected to the industry in the pandemic period. Offline concerts have been stopped in the covid situation. Metaverse, with its virtual reality aspect, has proven to be one of the possible aspects to reconnect artists with their fans with the help of the digital world.

The world can now observe the growing number of metaverse-related projects/groups in the K-pop industry. Aespa group is one of the famous examples, which was introduced with virtual counterparts (ae). Asepa consists of 4 virtual avatars along with real members as well.

Various business organizations and parts of the South Korean government are looking forward to creating metaverses. In this season, the banks of South Korea are investing in metaverse asset funds, and the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea earmarks trillions of won to foster technology ventures, including metaverses. Millions of citizens of the country have also invested in digital land grabs in metaverses.

Metaverse is the growth of virtual performances and performers. A cyber-singer, Adam was created and released the metaverse album named,  No Love Like This in 1998. Numerous other digital performers have popped up over time, like, the popular League of Legends tie-in girl group K/DA, which is voiced by various pop artists, including K-pop stars, and this year’s virtual girl group Eternity.

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