How is pet location tracking used?

How is pet location tracking used

Purchasing pet location tracking device is a useful investment for both pet owners and their pets. Aside from their original work of getting a fix on the exact position of the pet, which is useful in cases when the pet is a cat or a roaming animal, most trackers come with the additional feature of analyzing a pet’s health. This is something along the lines of having a Fitbit for pets. 

Apart from monitoring the health of the pet, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun with your pet. Most cat owners wonder how far their cats roam around! This is now solved by taking a quick look at the tracker app. This can draw up a pattern of them visiting a particular location within the community which might not be too far away from the house. 

There is a more serious element to using such trackers. Users will be able to tell if their cat or dog is adhering to their diet or not. Users will also be able to determine whether or not their pet has escaped from the yard. In reality, a massive number of GPS trackers will allow users to build a virtual fence around their homes. If in case a pet steps outside the fence, users will be immediately informed and can be able to track their movements in real-time.

In terms of advantages, most pet location tracking device record pet activity and such information is available to pet owners to view at any point in time. These trackers display the number of calories burnt, the number of steps they take, and how long they sleep. It assists the users in determining what is wrong with their pets. If their cat or dog is gaining weight, examining their activity might be able to give an insight as to what could be wrong. Such information comes in handy while informing the veterinarian if there are any concerns. 

However, users need to keep in mind that such pet trackers don’t come for a one-time fee. Most pet trackers insist on a monthly membership fee to have continued access to a variety of features. 

How does it work pet location tracking device?

There are certain types of pet tracking solutions. All these trackers function by placing them on the pet’s collar or adding a gadget to the existing collar. The range at which they operate, battery life, and additional features are determined by the technology they employ. 

Cellular, Bluetooth, and GPS are the most common technologies used in Internet of Things-enabled tracking systems, but RF trackers are also popular. Although they have their drawbacks. RF pet trackers offer a longer range and better battery power than most modern systems that is because they are large and need a separate transponder to read the signal sent by the collar. 

The most common type of Internet of things enabled pet tracker is a cellular-based tracker. They can be useful for tracking a pet’s whereabouts and maintaining a simple track of where your pet has been in real time. This is useful especially if the pet tends to roam. Of all the trackers, Bluetooth trackers have the shortest range of all current trackers and are typically more useful for monitoring the activity of the pet than for finding a missing pet. 

Choosing a Pet Tracker

A pet-safe collar is necessary, and a pet must be accustomed to wearing one at all times if pet owners want continual tracking. Some people believe that a pet tracker can be injected or placed in the same way as a microchip ID can. It must be noted that attaching a tracker to the collar can break if the neck of the pet is grabbed, in which case the chances of losing the tracker are high.  

Benefits of pet location tracking

Listed below are a few benefits of using Pet tracking;

  • Attaching pet collars with a tracker helps keep an eye on your pets while they’re under the care of dog walkers or sitters.
  • It helps to track the activities of pets to support weight loss efforts or ensure they get enough exercise. 
  • Monitoring pets in real-time allows users to find their pets without having to rely on someone and transport them to a clinic.  

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