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How Is SaaS Marketing Changing the Game?

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SaaS Marketing, Some Thoughts for SaaS Entrepreneurs

SaaS, also known as Software as a Service, has become a super popular business model in which companies subscribe to other companies to get the services they need to keep working.

Some examples of this include the software you use to get your social media in order like Hootsuite, a service you may use to make your designs like Placeit, a project manager to get your tasks in order with your team like Asana, and lots of other services like these. These companies are the reason why SaaS marketing was born, so as a SaaS entrepreneur, you should know what you are facing.

What has changed? In the past, businesses would make contracts with other companies that provided them with services. Departments like customer service would be managed out of office somewhere where the equipment needed, like big space-taking machines, could be supported. Now all they have to do is go on the internet! This is what the SaaS model has provided for every company today, no matter its size or trajectory!

The SaaS business model is fast-growing as well as it’s market! SaaS products will keep helping emerging businesses to grow more efficiently. This is why you must learn how to properly promote this kind of service and wrap a SaaS marketing strategy around it. But again, the question is, how these SaaS platforms have changed the way we market? Let’s go over some key points:

Way More Accessible!

 You don’t need to purchase from retail anymore! Acquiring a SaaS software for your business is as easy as directly downloading a program onto your computer. Sometimes you don’t even have to download anything; you have to open the website on your browser. In a few seconds, you get what you need, and you also get full access to all of the software features. Just like that!

Also, it facilitates secure collaboration between co-workers. So this means that as long as there’s internet, you can get to work!

Always Updated

SaaS Template Design

 You don’t need to worry about making or buying any updates because usually, it’s all automatic. Upgrades will be offered to you whenever they exist. That’s one less thing to worry about when using a SaaS app.

 It’s Affordable for Anyone

You will likely be saving money on staff, installations, equipment, and more when you subscribe to SaaS software. Not only that, but they usually offer very affordable subscription plans, and prices and some are even completely free! Depending on the company, they can offer their services as accessible as they want. This is the time when you can start an online business with no budget at all!

It’s User-Friendly for Everyone

SaaS software is user-friendly so that anyone who is not an expert can use it. For example, Placeit allows you to create designs using pre-made templates and this way. Anyone can become a designer without ever needing to use actual design software!

SaaS apps allow this because they are designed with a clear interface, they are professionally mapped, and anything that is not clear can be explained. To market your SaaS business properly, you should develop guides, tutorials, step-by-step videos to answer all your customer’s questions.

Again, don’t worry about doing this since you can also take advantage of the SaaS model! You can try using a slideshow maker to make videos in just a few clicks, no need to be an expert in video production. Sweet, huh? 

Now Market!

Team Discussion on Saas

Not only do these software programs have a particular way to market themselves, but they have also changed the way to market everything else! Like we said before, to sell these specific business models you have to be completely aware of what your customers expect from you and how to promote those characteristics (those we mentioned in the previous points).

Show them just how accessible your SaaS is, how it will always be updated, how it is affordable for everyone, or how it is super easy to use!

But Wait for a Second, What Is SaaS Marketing?

 So you know all about inbound marketing, outbound, content marketing, but what is SaaS marketing? SaaS marketing is the way you promote cloud-based apps made for businesses to use directly from their browsers. Let’s break it down into five angles:

  1. Give your customers enough information about your platform. This content type is golden for your business! If they don’t get you, they won’t buy you. When comparing your platform to your competitors, your potential customers will see beyond your pricing options. Are you aware of their needs?
  2.  Offer trial periods. Apart from everyone loves free things, it’s essential that you give your customers the chance to try your services, so they are sure it’s worth it.
  3.  Optimize your website for conversions. Use clear CTAs on your website, on your blog posts, and just about everywhere. This is the beast lead strategy you can use on your content.
  4.  Show your face all over social media. Build a strong social media presence making your business visible for buyers and build relationships with them. This way you attract organic customers and you can look for your dream persona with particular ads.
  5.  Let your SaaS speak for itself. Start with actually having a great product, then offer excellent customer support, and then answer all your customer’s questions and re-think your product.

So What Have We Learned so Far?

The SaaS model and market ways will continue to evolve and impact all businesses, big or small. It has already changed the way all companies work and will continue to do so because more and more apps will be developed. Who knows what we will use next?

When marketing your SaaS business, you should focus on the benefits associated with working with your app. Tell your potential customers how accessible it is, how it is continuously updated, how they can afford it, and how easy it is to use!


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