How Managed IT Service Enhance Your Organisation Data Security!

How Managed IT Service Enhance Your Organisation Data Security! 1

Nowadays, the number of organisations are adopting managed IT services to protect their sensitive data from the growing threat landscape. With the increased use of mobile devices and cloud services, as well as data breaches in enterprises, protecting data and offering secure access to employees has become difficult. Everyone knows that traditional perimeter security measures like firewall and threat detection services are not able to secure their most sensitive data. 

Therefore, companies are looking for new data encryption and data management solutions to provide more secure data so that users can access it safely. By offering these new security solutions, your business will increase its overall revenue and meet the growing number of regulatory and compliance mandates. 

Ensuring a secure IT environment or data centre, protection against cyber-attacks or regulatory compliance – a modern company needs a comprehensive security concept and a reliable partner that provides support services on an ongoing basis. However, here are the ways that will show how managed IT service can enhance your organisations’ data security: 


System administrators can no longer cope with the reflection of external attacks and cannot effectively minimise the damage. Modern companies need intrusion detection systems and cloud data centers that can block unauthorised access from both physical and online sources. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices, it has become more challenging to run SAP systems securely. This means that it is better to entrust it to professionals who are ready to assist anytime, anywhere. 

Implementation of the Three Lines of Defense Model 

If a modern IT system is safe, this does not mean that in a couple of minutes, it will not be under attack. To maintain control over the situation, companies require a systematic approach to identifying, analysing, and evaluating risks. Intelligence’s security specialists will help you implement three lines of protection that synchronise all operational management, risk management, and internal audit processes. This approach allows you to get a clear picture of the risks and continuously monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. 

Benefits of a Comprehensive Anti-Fraud System 

Business fraud is associated with deficiencies in the authorisation system or IT infrastructure. A comprehensive anti-fraud system notifies you of threats immediately after they are detected, which allows you to respond quickly. This benefits not only your company but also all participants in the business network (business partners are increasingly using conventional IT systems with automatic monitoring). Thus, from the very beginning, you eliminate the risks of financial losses. 

IT Security Assessment and Deployment 

The managed IT services can keep your security solutions into tip-top shape. The specialists of managed IT services will equip your business with the latest and fantastic security solutions and tools like firewalls, patch management, upgrades, security assessments, security audits, and intrusion detection. It will able to provide comprehensive protection to help you steer clear of potential disasters and reduce risk. 

Access Control and Authorization Management 

Currently, access to corporate information is carried out from numerous devices, which leads to the emergence of new problems. Companies need to instantly grant and deny access to individual systems and data, as well as track the growing volume of employee data. The ever-increasing number of distributed IT systems involves the introduction of authentication based on the concept of single sign-on across all domains. 

Guaranteed Safe International Trade 

A vast number of goods and services are sold over the Internet. If a company works with international supply chains, then it should monitor compliance with IT regulatory requirements, especially in the case of exports and imports. Reliable solutions and data centers allow business partners to exchange goods without worrying about security. 

There are currently new series on the market products that position themselves as Managed Security Services. They offer typical services such as antiviruses, firewalls, intrusion detection, updates, content filters and security audits, as well as other services aimed at meeting the new needs that enterprises may have. Such decisions are based on services managed by third-party companies that take responsibility for their functioning and monitoring at any time. 

Access to Skilled IT Security Professionals 

Many skilled and experienced IT security professionals provide a broad range of solutions to resolve security needs individually. These managed IT service providers are experts and offer the right security solutions that can shield your critical data from any threats and firewall. This means these experts will keep hackers’ eyes away from your sensitive enterprise data. This way, the development of network security, monitoring and management are necessary for your business to keep your data secure. 

Final Words 

The digital revolution is launched. More and more companies are moving to the latest and greatest security patches and databases to secure the business processes according to the conditions of the modern market. To simplify this transition, there are various migration methods and practices. 

It is often tricky for enterprises to monitor the emergence of all new threats and potential vulnerabilities, as well as be aware of all safety standards and tools. On all these issues, security service providers are in constant contact with international experts, which positively affects their know-how and response capabilities. Moreover, the managed security services are generally cheaper than investing inappropriate personnel, software, and hardware. 

Written by Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper is a Marketing Manager associated with Fixtel – an Australian based telecommunications company offers Enterprise Cabling Security Solutions and Managed IT services in Brisbane.She loves to write insightful blogs & articles on the security Gadgets and Components of a Telecommunications System.

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