How mobility data helps in location intelligence

How mobility data helps in location intelligence 1

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delhi government of the country has imposed lockdowns to make the boundaries to the spread of the virus. The immediate measures that were taken highlight that the transportation sector was not prepared for the conditions of a pandemic. The pandemic promoted work from home plan that ultimately increased consumption and enhanced the market of e-commerce.

Various factors have immensely affected the balanced structure of supply chains, resulting in temporary shortages of goods in the economy. The crisis has impacted society, business professionals, border officers, people who got shucked at border clearance posts, and the sanitary situation at many border crossings across the country.

The vulnerability of transport systems to the outbreak of communicable diseases has become a major concern, and the need for safe migration of goods during the pandemic period has also become quite a concern – thus, there is a major requirement for technological interventions like location intelligence.

The data is collected by vehicles; the data includes the information on road and city’s infrastructure, smartphones, and location, which can be tracked on specific map layers or other user interfaces in order to attain location insights for the improvisation of performance and safety for the transportation of goods.

Navigating can be beneficial in the traffic congestion as well as containment areas that are cropping up on a timely basis in various localities, which increases the product delivery. There are various goods that have a small lifeline like milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. Restricted movement from one place to another and the time taken by delivery agents on each task can be hazardous for cases where the goods belong to fragile and critical categories.

Cooperation in trade facilitation and transport connectivity is the most vital part of considering the needs and priorities. Automation and dematerialization can help in the digitalization of trade to ensure the faster and safe exchange of data and migration of transportation. Therefore, location intelligence helps in ensuring safety in terms of contactless delivery, which is an important concern in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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