How Modern Technology has Augmented the Online Betting Sector

By Sony T
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Augmented the Online Betting Sector

Bookmaking and sports betting has been popular pastimes for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. As we now live within a truly digital age, it only makes sense that these very same hobbies can be found throughout the Internet. Not only will websites offer a user-friendly edge, but it is now possible to place a wager within a matter of seconds; even while away from the home or office.


These advantages are due in no small part to a handful of technological innovations which continue to transform the industry as we know it. So, how has technology shaped online sports betting and what benefits can average users now enjoy?

The Role of Technology in Relation to Personalisation

Some readers may recall online bookmakers associated with the early days of the Internet. Although there is no doubt that these sites were functional, they suffered from a handful of understandable drawbacks. Some of the most profound included:

  • A limited number of sports to choose from.
  • Sites that would require a significant amount of time to load.
  • Slow page refresh rates (known as latency).
  • A lack of updated news and statistics.
  • No ability to chat with others via social media forums.

To put it simply, the capabilities of these portals was rather questionable at the time. The good news is that digital technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since the latter half of the 1990s. 4G (soon to be 5G) wireless connectivity, streamlined website designs, real-time news feeds, HTML5 coding, and mobile-responsive pages have all taken the online wagering experience to the next level.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Another undeniable revolution which needs to be highlighted involves the use of what are known as predictive analytics. In other words, many of the top bookmakers online now employ a unique form of artificial intelligence. This AI has the ability to scour the Internet for massive amounts of betting-related data. As a result, the odds and fixtures tend to be much more accurate when compared to past modelling systems. Another advantage here is that the statistics themselves are frequently updated; providing users with access to the latest reports within a fraction of a second. Accuracy is key for those who wish to make an informed decision at the right time.Sports handicap platforms like xParlay understand the power of data and what AI driven picks can offer, increasing the possibilities of winning.

Artificial intelligence has also influenced the designs of the websites themselves. These portals now offer much more personalised information; normally based off of past preferences. So, members will be presented with relevant suggestions as opposed to being bombarded with otherwise irrelevant news. This is excellent from a customisation point of view and one of the reasons why the top providers continue to attract so many new members.

Technology will continue to redefine the bookmaking industry and it will be interesting to see what the future may provide. The bottom line is that novices as well as seasoned fans of wagering can now take full advantage of all that these modern solutions have to offer.

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