How NXP Security,Connectivity Helped FIFA 2018

How NXP Security,Connectivity Helped FIFA 2018 1

NXP semiconductors N.V.  has proven its supremacy from time to time, in providing advanced smart solutions that support enhanced infrastructure and secure connections.

NXP, as the chief commander in the smart connected solutions market has consistently driven itself in the direction of innovation and has offered unconventional advancement in end-to-end security, secure connected vehicle and privacy. NXP is a major player in the market with expertise in the field, combined with an experience of more than sixty years.

NXP, a trailblazer in furnishing innovative stadium solutions recently made an announcement, in regards to the ongoing FIFA world cup in Russia. They are bringing secure ticketing system that involves contactless ticketing to the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia matches.

This same system will also be implicated for the impending final game. The match tickets will have contactless chip solutions that will permit spectator to have swift and secure access to the stadium. In addition to that, NXP also has enabled NTAG NFC technology to support a new and enhanced experience to connect the audience with the Official Match Ball, the adidas Telstar 18.

This new technology will help the viewers connect their smart phones with the ball and consequently have specific details displayed on their mobile screens. Furthermore, NTAG NFC technology provides access to challenges for the users and give them entry in the run-up to the FIFA world cup.

Smart stadiums are aiming to provide a better experience for the fans with the aid of connectivity solutions and Internet of Things (IOT). Security becomes quintessential as larger events like FIFA world cup will attract a huge group of scammers. This comes as an aftermath of high demand for tickets and the secondary ticketing market system. FIFA has emphasized on the requirement to abolish this system so as to improvise the safety for fans wanting access to the principal ticketing system all over the Globe.

The smart chips embedded in the tickets will help verify the authenticity of the tickets. NXP’s MIFARE Ultralight EV1 contactless IC is a smart Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip with the feature of authenticity verifier through the aid of a special originality signature. The IC inside the ticket has the capability to store information.

This information will encompass the details about admission and the ticket’s legitimacy and subsequently helping the fans from any sort of mishaps with respect to ticket forgery. FIFA World Cup organizers will also have a vivid view into the secondary grey market deterring the safety of audience.

Ticket’s tap-and-go tendency will help the visitors of World cup games to have easy access to the venues. The RFID technology which involves no contact is better than QR-code or barcode tickets. The contactless technology implicates faster access as the visitors will only have to tap the contactless reader at the entrance of the stadium. This electronic ticketing solution which is MIFARE product-based, enraptured audience at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia as they felt the ease of its use to be the most promising factor.

The ability to recognize the cloned tickets also received wide spread acclaim amongst fans. The Vice President and General Manager of Secure Mobility and Retail at NXP, Markus Staeblein says that they are committed to continuing a long legacy of enabling convenient ticketing and secure payment experiences for events around the world. MIFARE products enhance the convenience and experience of FIFA World Cup fans while also protecting them from privacy related discrepancies.

It is also the first ever time that fans are able to interact with the new Adidas Telstar 18 ball directly with just a tap on their smart phones. Consumers can unlock exclusive details of the ball with the unique identifier given to it. This way, NXP’s foremost NTAG NFC technology not only facilitates entertainment for its viewers but also retains the customers.

NXP also plans to enable cashless micropayments and hence supporting swift and secure in-stadium purchases. The RAIN RFID technology will be employed for tracking the movements of attendee and furnishing hands-free access to the facilities in the event. NXP will also facilitate cellular infrastructures with high performance RF power devices. Contactless event ticketing system will be utilized in VIP Areas, athlete residences, training centers and sports venues.

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