How Online Marketing Strategies Have Evolved

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The way that online brands market their products is constantly changing, and the methods used at the start of a new decade are fairly far removed from more modern ways to market. While businesses have typically utilized TV, magazine, and billboard advertising, online strategies are becoming much more prevalent. Looking at the leisure and entertainment industry that are making investments in new media to put their brand in front of prospective customers, we analyzed the effectiveness of each strategy.

Which Industries are Investing?

Practically any brand in any industry with operations online can benefit from a marketing strategy that puts the product in front of the right people. The leisure and entertainment sectors have made a success of transitioning online, pivoting their marketing to guide people to their online platforms. Two of the most prominent online presences within the leisure and entertainment industry are retail and online casino services, due to marketing techniques. 

Many physical stores have developed online presences, while brands like Amazon have popped up to operate purely in the digital marketplace. The company does utilize TV advertising and sometimes uses other traditional marketing media, but its main output is online. Personalized promotions and offers as well as free shipping for a certain period of time are some of the most common means of effective eCommerce marketing.

Casino brands have made similar transitions, although mass marketing was far less commonplace before the industry’s move online. Bonuses, hundreds of options, and high-security software are some of the ways successful online casinos win custom. 


Another common but highly effective strategy utilized by casino brands, which has been carried over from offline marketing is the use of high-profile endorsements. For example, the sports betting and casino platform STS uses former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. As the face of the brand, his endorsement is used to advertise their welcome bonus and free spins. 

This tactic is common across many industries, with celebrities and other prominent names used in advertising and often depicted using the product or service being sold. Tactics like these are fairly evergreen and have stood the test of time.

Social Media

Far more than a platform for interaction, social media is being used more heavily by online brands to reach target audiences. This is an effective medium for marketing as operators are able to hone-in on a particular demographic, whether that’s a particular age group or existing interest.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp all offer marketing platforms that can be utilized by brands big and small. Casino and retail brands are among the many industries investing in advertising on social media to engage with their existing customers and bring new people on board.

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How Online Marketing Strategies Have Evolved 2Google Ads

One other way to get in front of potential customers is to ensure your brand is positioned favorably in Google search results. There are several ways to do this, and one of the most effective methods is by utilizing Google Ads.

Google Ads allow brands to appear near the top of the rankings for key search terms, while also strategically placing advertising on other websites, including Google’s own YouTube platform. These adverts can also be targeted to reach a particular audience.

Again, this strategy is commonly employed by brands across industries like casino gaming and retail. Smaller companies are also becoming alert to the potential of making a small investment in showcasing their brand as part of a user’s search inquiries.

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The way brands market themselves online is ever-evolving, with the casino and retail sectors providing useful case studies. The range of options available today means that businesses of all sizes can target growth and expansion through advertising in the digital marketplace.

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