How Robocalls Are Impacting Small Business


Most people know robocalls to be automated spam calls. People are pretty much fed up with taking such calls and end up blocking most of the numbers. But, the issue is not just one way. It is pretty frustrating for the contractors too, who have to answer some of the unknown names if a customer keeps calling. Spam callers will take most of your precious time out. Sometimes, you might have to cut your call with existing customers to take a call of spam caller. The worst part is that you won’t be able to change your number. If you do, you are about to miss your repeat business. 

Even though robocalls are pretty frustrating, contractors can try out some ways to save some time and fight back these issues with ease. For that, check out the main strategies that can help you understand how robocalls impact small businesses.

Blocking calls manually:

If any robocall succeeds in getting through your defense line, make sure to take time and block that number as soon as possible. If you are using an iPhone, you can always block numbers from the “Recents” tab. For Android users, you can check the call history and block the number by pressing on it for a long time. If you want, you can report the number to be a spam from the screen, designed for Android users. 

If you want to take this step up a notch, add this spam number to your spam call blocker app. It will help others to avoid these numbers too. It is true that contractors receive a lot of robocalls, so manually blocking numbers is a must for them to avoid frustration later on.

How it affects your small business:

Indeed, not all robocalls are here to present bad news, and most of them are used for recording some calls and save time on your current administrative tasks. They always set up reminders for some yearly patients’ checkup or even let them know more about prescription status.

  • However, the nuisance of robocall is hard to ignore. That’s why people tend to block such calls from unknown numbers as that’s what is suggested in tips whenever people ask for advice on ways to protect them from such calls.
  • This is when smaller businesses start getting affected as they are not able to communicate with their prospective clients well. So, smaller businesses are getting ignored more, which will be a loss for such small firms.
  • As a substitute result, you can easily leave a voice mail or send Emails. But, these are some basic ways and not sure to turn out as the most reliable alternatives. It would help if you focused on some other marketing tactics without relying on these robocalls completely for business growth.

What other steps your small business can take:

It is hard for you to replace phone calls. But, you can try adding another communicative layer to customer outreach. It proves to be a safe bet for ensuring that your message gets across. 

  • You can try to enable a business phone number, designed for texting. So, when the customers have planned to take texts, you can send them a message before giving them a call or replacing any call.
  • Texting is the best method to switch to and contact users by a reliable human. The text provides the option to notify the person beforehand and create a platform to reply with text or call back in case the customer is quite interested in your service.
  • Always remember that texting remains protected from spammer because of some rules made, which made it one non-pollutant medium for all kinds of customers and of all ages. It is one favored medium as the audiences get preferences to choose your strategy or not.

Use it well:

Even though Robocalls have their downfalls and those are pretty huge, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Make sure to use it wisely, and only when you need it. Besides that, keep some of the other marketing options open to work on them side by side. You never know which medium flourishes for your smaller business to gain more human traffic! So, keep all doors open to be on the safer side. 

Written by Sony T

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