How smart home automation saves cost?

By Srikanth
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How smart home automation saves cost? 1

When it comes to saving money at home, the first thing that comes to our mind is electricity. Most people don’t have a habit of switching off lights or other electrical appliances post usage. This is not just a bachelor problem; this is a universal problem that extends from newly married couples to families as well. But, with the advancement of technology, there is a solution to inefficient usage of electricity – home automation. It’s not just electricity which can be efficiently monitored and utilized, it applies to security & resources like water, manpower & time.


The automation industry is growing fast and offering more user-friendly designs, where users can install the automated products without any technical assistance. Big companies like Siemens, Philips, Xiaomi & others are bringing out amazing mass-market automation products with user interface features and even small, yet innovative companies are making their way in the field.

Indian youth is quickly adopting automation technology, but this method is new for most millennials and needs to be analysed especially on cost savings. Home automation is a perfect solution for any homeowner/business owner who is looking to improve comfort, safety, and control while saving money on electricity bills. The most important aspect of home automation is accessibility to data of usage patterns. As they say – ‘What one can’t measure, one can’t improve’. With smart devices, you start getting track of data on utilization which helps you figure out better solutions. The savings in efficient utilization of resources generally overcomes the cost of the device itself.

Having a 24/7 physical presence at home is impossible for any working individual, that’s where home automation comes into play. The automation industry has been mainly driven by the demand for effective solutions in various homely applications such as safety, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, & AC) and security. You can configure the power switch of your geyser to turn on and turn off at specific timings, add certain specifications to your AC, control your lights from your office and much more. Visual emotion detectors and advanced mood sensors can tell other smart home devices to put on a song, turn on the lights, or check the locks based on your requirements.

Facial recognition system, an AI-controlled framework is yet to be popular in India but it’s going to revolutionize self-checked security for homes, hotels, co-living and coworking establishments. With all the manpower, time & energy saving, it is becoming economical to use home automation day by day. In short, home automation has a wide scope in the future as far as the Indian market is concerned. Everyone including businesses & individuals would opt for affordable automation as much as possible.

Article is contributed by Akhil Sikri, Co-Founder & CTO, Zolostays.

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