How Smartphones Are Helping To Improve Gamification And User Experiences

By Sony T
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How Smartphones Are Helping To Improve Gamification And User Experiences 1

Online casinos might not be anything new but the way that we use them has certainly changed over recent years. With the popularity of smartphones consistently on the rise it will come as no surprise that lots of online casinos are turning to their smartphones to access gaming. If someone wants to try casino slots with free spins, for example, they’re likely to do this via a smartphone rather than a desktop computer. Smartphones are really helping to shape the online casino experience and here’s how.


Always Accessible

One thing that smartphones have done for us is allow instant access to any information or services we want to access and online casinos are no exception. Rather than needing to be sat at a computer, or with our laptop – our smartphones allow us to access everything that we need on the move.

This means that anyone who enjoys playing at online casinos can do so without the need for waiting until they are at a computer. Most of us now have our smartphone with us for a majority of our day which means that accessing online casinos is something that can be done instantly, pretty much anytime we want.

Evolving Technology

As smartphones have evolved and improved over recent years, so have online gaming and casino websites. As consumers, we are starting to demand more from our devices and as such, the websites that we access via smartphones have to make sure they can keep up with demand. This means that for the casino user they can now expect slicker gameplay and better graphics – and of course, those all-important jackpots are always changing too!

Casino Apps

We’re also very used to accessing services on our phone via different apps – most of us have an online banking app, at least one social media app and probably something that helps us navigate to a destination using GPS. We’re all comfortable with using apps and online casinos have definitely started to take advantage of this. It is now common for a casino to have an app that people can download to access their casino services – this makes the process of logging in and getting started much easier and quicker.

Easy To Use

Smartphones have become part of everyday life for lots of us, which means we’re very familiar with using them. It isn’t unusual for someone to be able to type a text or take a photo while multitasking with something else. This ease of use means that using online casinos via our smart device is also really easy – meaning that the whole online casino experience is as stress-free as possible.

Consumers are much more likely to come back and use a product or service again if the experience has been easy and stress-free, so this is something that casino developers will have been keen to see happen.


Using an online casino via a smartphone can also be really fun and interactive. For example, rather than clicking a button to spin on the slots you often have to use the touchscreen on your phone to spin the reel. Websites/apps being easy to use is essential in order for them to be successful.

Smartphones have most definitely changed the way that most of us access the internet and using online casinos is certainly no exception. With this always-on technology people are now able to access casino services from wherever they are and whenever they would like – much more flexible than having to log into a computer and be sat at a desk when you decide you want to have a game of poker or a few spins on the slots.

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