How Social Listening Benefits SEO

Social Listening Benefits SEO

Social listening is one of your company’s secret weapons in this volatile internet marketplace. The market changes every day; it’s critical to know what your customer base is saying to keep up with competitors. The key to success? Your social media presence.

Social listening means keeping tabs on all your social media platforms and reading the comments.

If people ask the same question or make the same request, you might be in a prime position to snap up an unserved corner of the market. This can have a major impact on SEO and your search engine ranking.

Monitoring Your Brand and Industry

Social listening can be as simple as reading the comments and responding to them personally if you’re a sole proprietor and as complicated as running a social media team on duty 24/7. But at its core, it’s about understanding and managing your brand’s online presence.

There are many reasons you should be concerned about what people online are saying about your company and your market.

  • You want to make an excellent first impression. People will often Google your company before purchasing, and you want to know what the first thing they’ll see is — and change it if it’s not ideal.
  • This can give you a significant competitive edge. If your company has a reputation for being the most responsive and for resolving any complaints personally, you’ll be more likely to be the first choice.
  • This will build your brand awareness. Creating a positive overall picture of your company online will help you bring eyes to your content and your products.
  • You don’t want to let your competitors set the tone of the debate. There’s a good chance your product is being compared to theirs unfavorably in their content, and taking a proactive approach will allow you to ensure your side is heard.
  • Prevent the heckler’s veto! Suppose you’re not active in preserving your company’s online reputation. In that case, it’s possible that one angry dissenter could be the dominant voice about your company in search results and dissuade potential buyers.

Your company may be mentioned on all corners of the internet, both those that are easy to find through searches and those that are more challenging. Fortunately, there are tools out there that can unlock those hidden corners of the internet. Click here for tips on finding unlinked brand mentions and a list of other tools that can help you manage your online brand presence.

Social Listening for SEO

SEO is a key part of any brand strategy because it involves managing your brand image and targeting it towards what people are looking for.

Social listening can help you by making it easier to determine what people are looking for when they talk about your company and what isn’t as high a priority.

Once you locate mentions for your brand, the next step should be to convert them to links. Make it as easy as possible for people to find what they’re interested in, starting with placing interlinks in your most popular content or first hit on Google.

After that, the goal should be to find backlink opportunities that will reach out to readers who may not have found their way to your website yet.

The best bet for backlinks is a successful business in a related field that isn’t a direct competitor. A partnership with an adjacent company offering a different service can benefit both parties.

You’ll also want to maintain an active social media presence, whether that’s you directly or your social media team.

If someone posts a question on one of your platforms, it should be answered by the official brand account as soon as possible. This is important to get a potential client or buyer and create a strong impression of engagement with people passing by.

This is especially important whenever there’s a complaint or problem with your product. Few things are worse for a company than a disgruntled, engaged former customer who wants everyone to know it.

A responsive social media team can neutralize a potential hazard to your company’s public image – and maybe even turn them into vocal supporters if you’re lucky.

Listen Closely

Every day, an active social media presence provides clues to the next steps your company should take. Your customers are pointing you in the direction you should go. Social listening is the easiest way to keep your finger on the market’s pulse and reap the benefits.

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