How technology is enabling residential complexes to handle security and community management

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How technology is enabling residential complexes to handle security and community management 1

Perhaps the greatest boon offered by technology is when it makes people and communities feel safer, together and truly fortified. From smart home security systems to group livestreams, societies of today are constantly trying new ways to make urban life easier. One such feat of modern marvel are society enterprise resource planning apps that have raised standards of community management profoundly and enhanced security measures to epic proportions. 


Gone are the days when the Secretary chased residents for unpaid maintenance dues and guards were so ill-equipped that they let strangers slip in unnoticed. 

Here’s how Times Business awarded Best community management app, MyGate is changing ‘the old guard’, pun intended.

Brand new way to man the gate

Not only do guards need to maintain a physical register for visitors, but they can also auto make voice command entries and process entries on their apps based on digital passcode verification sent by residents. They can photo capture vendors visiting society premises so that no unauthorised visitors can claim entry. Additionally, embedded features can allow seamless approval of frequent entrants like school bus, water tankers and authenticated spot entries for cabs and unexpected guests.

A society can maintain digital records of every incoming and outgoing vehicle/humans and easily look up all history of movement. 

Domestic help management made easier

Maids, cooks and other domestic help staff are given entry/exit codes and relevant homes are notified when they arrive. Residents can search for maids by timing, have a digital record of their attendance and regularity and even make UPI payments from the app.

Manage all your residential properties on your phone

How technology is enabling residential complexes to handle security and community management 2

If members have multiple flats across the country, they can manage gatekeeping, payments, communication, updates, etc. via one single app. MC, on the other hand, can manage multiple wings/high-rise buildings without the need to run around, waste time doing physical chores.

Keeping children safe

Child security can be established without hampering their freedom. The app allows the guard to seek your permission if your children attempt to leave the society premises without your consent. Future exits can also be notified to the guard.

Parking space management

All visitor vehicular movements are tracked and parking slots are assigned by the guard who is alerted to the remaining slots through dynamic updates on the app.

Paperless accounting

MC can generate payment reminders, raise group or individually targeted invoices, auto charge residents based on consumption, service or apartment size, charge penalties, upload and download invoices,adjust settlements from advance payments, receive payment intimations, auto adjust arrears from the accounting dashboard allowed to committee members. No physical transactions or book keeping is required.

Managing complaints

A virtual help desk enables residents to lodge complaints via tickets based on type of service request and even attach pictures of the problem, while tracking the status of their complaint. MC can block defaulters from raising requests, assign service requests to appropriate departments like plumbing, electrical issues, cleaning staff, auto/manually assign tasks, escalate, resolve, re-open tickets and receive category/tower-specific reports.

Amenities for all

MC can list amenities like pool, clubhouse, gym along with operations timings/charges, while residents can book slots through the app in which the calendar gets updated automatically. MC can assign maximum bookings impartially to every block and prevent overuse.

Group communication

MC can communicate with all residents through unlimited emails and push notifications features within the app. Also, they can create custom groups for functions, workshops, meetings and other purposes, create open polls to take a pulse of member opinions on different issues, create secret polls for election season, store and retrieve all documents of the society for individual flats and the entire society, and even conduct meetings and record minutes of meetings.

Administration made easy

How technology is enabling residential complexes to handle security and community management 3

MC can manage all aspects of society’s affairs such as guards’ attendance (facial recognition technology), get detailed reports with flexibility to define multiple configurable shifts for different types of staff, track daily maintenance staff attendance/service providers, maintain tenant documents/rental tenure and even get the benefit of a digital mechanism to manage all move-ins & move-outs within a society including verifying dues, defining rules & regulations. MC can add/remove RWA members from the admin dashboard, create a vendor master list with all their details as well as a society asset master list and create auto reminders for annual maintenance contracts.

Smooth delivery workflows

Delivery packages from vendor partners are auto-approved and get validated safely and easily. New delivery personnel can be photo and passcode verified if you’re at home. If residents aren’t home, they can use the Leave At Gate feature to safely get their parcel deposited and then collect it through a simple and secure procedure.

Society management may be a complex task but as the technological features in ERP get more nuanced, residents will be able to accomplish even more in the future.

How MyGate Ensures Security and Simplifies Community Living

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