How Technology is Helping in Fighting Climate Change?

By Srikanth
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How Technology is Helping in Fighting Climate Change? 1

The last few decades have seen the dawn of technological age as tremendous breakthroughs have come to the fore that have revolutionized the world. We often view technology negatively when it comes to its impact on our environment, because extensive usage of scientific breakthroughs like air conditioners, freezers and cars have significantly increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.


Therefore, the whole world is reeling with the devastating effects of climate change due to the presence of lethal greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But, ironically, technology is also our only way out because it is not only helping us study and mitigate the impacts of climate change, but also trying to give us a fighting chance against the war on pollution. Therefore, we have listed here various areas in which technology is helping us fight climate change. 

Massive Collection of Data:

The first step of the cure is the diagnosis, and technology has helped us considerably in collecting volumes of data about the effects of climate change. As a result, more and more people are getting to know about it also via technological means of communication like the internet, social media, television, and other digital outlets.

Mobile applications:

Mobile phones are often bashed for the fact that they emit harmful rays, but if we compare their risks and benefits, the latter unarguably outweighs the former. Even in fighting climate change, mobile phones are proving to be incredibly useful with android applications like Oroeco and GiveO2 that tracks your carbon footprint every day.

As a result, you become aware of your environment-damaging activities, and this awareness will provide you a chance to rectify your behavior and play your role in a much bigger scheme of things. If you are a programmer and looking to develop a similar application, do not forget to engage node js services because it will make your application much more robust. 

Green Energy:

Green or clean energy has become the talk of the town in the last few years because the world is looking to minimize dirty energy. In this pursuit, technology has played a path-breaking role as renewable energy options like solar cells and windmills are getting more efficient and cheap.

Conversion of dirty energy:

It is not possible for any country to immediately switch from dirty to clean energy because it is a slow and complicated process, and therefore, must be handled judiciously. Coal-fired power plants produce most of the dirty electricity in the world. But, the introduction of the latest breakthroughs like Carbon Capture Technology (CCT) has strangled the carbon emissions of such power plants as well. 

Smart Energy Management Systems:

Gone are the days when you had to adjust the knob of thermostat manually to set the temperature of your home. In this time and age, smart technologies like Nest have been introduced, which conserves energy by automatically learning your patterns and behaviors and adjusting the temperature accordingly.

It is reported that manual thermostats waste around 20 percent of the energy. If we imagine the amount of emissions our atmosphere has absorbedfor this wasted power, staggering numbers come to mind.


Geo-engineering is a controversial field of study because it incorporates path-breaking ideas like ‘planet hacking’ which signifies a belief that climate change can be stopped by hacking nature’s resources to find new solutions. But, this field is under-researched, and its recommendations are not taken very seriously because scientists are unsure of the environmental consequences of such techniques.

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