How Technology is transforming the online gaming industry

By Srikanth
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How Technology is transforming the online gaming industry 1

Remember the time where we had to put up with games with poor graphics and slow pace merely for the sake of entertainment? We surely have evolved a lot from that age with technology improving leaps and bounds thereby giving us access to a realistic gaming experience. These days people get easy access to games with high-end graphics thus giving them a complete gaming experience. With new technological advancements, the landscape and dynamics of the gaming industry have completely changed. 


So many factors have contributed to this phenomenal growth. In this post, we shall have a look at the emerging trends which completely transformed the online gaming industry.

1. On-Demand Gaming

Thanks to the internet, we now have access to plenty of games. The incursion of technology has paved for age-old games to be digitalized and they are available at the touch of your fingers these days. Games like rummy, chess, ludo were prevalent in India even before the advent of the internet. With the advent of technology, these games are now accessible anytime. A few decades back this was not possible. Add to it, most of the rummy sites have extensive tutorials on how to play rummy and rummy rules thereby making the learning part easier.

A card game enthusiast has hundreds of options to satiate his thirst for gaming. Now, he/she can register on the website for free and start playing instantly and go against players with similar interests. Prevalence of on-demand gaming has made this possible.

2. Mobile Gaming

A few years back people would have laughed off if anyone considered a mobile phone as a platform for playing games. As the focus now is on comfy gameplay, the mobile phone has replaced gaming consoles as the go-to device for games. All the major game developers are now making games tailored to the mobile audience. The revenues from the mobile gaming community have far surpassed the revenues from gaming consoles. Both PlayStore and AppStore are loaded with gaming apps, and they are the most downloaded apps according to research.

All you need is a Smartphone with a robust configuration, combined with a stable internet connection and of course skills, to enjoy these games.

3. Augmented reality

The arrival of augmented reality has completely changed the online gaming industry. By incorporating real life effects into the game – the sounds you hear, the things you see, it has brought a complete revolution transforming your living room into a gaming zone. The vision-based algorithm employed by Pokemon go stands as a testament to it. With augmented reality, you can easily transcend geographical boundaries as you were able to do with Pokemon go. AR scans your surroundings with the help of camera in your mobile device, and it seamlessly incorporates them into your game thereby making your place, a game zone.

4. Intuitive Graphics

Graphics in the gaming industry have come a long way. Consider for example the latest sensation PubG, the reason it won the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide was because of its realistic graphics. You can bid goodbye to eye-paining graphics and enjoy these games to get a seamless gaming experience. Every single game coming out these days is equipped with 3D to bring users close to the action. Games like FIFA, NFS, NBA, and Age of Empires have become popular among the gaming audience because of their state-of-the-art graphics.

5.Motion sensor technology

With 3D scanning technology in its full form, you can create your doppelganger. Voice recognition technology is taking the industry by storm. Your voice can be used as a command for your moves in these games. With virtual reality and motion sensor technology, every movement of yours can make a difference.


Technology keeps evolving every single day. What appeared as a norm a few years ago has now become obsolete. Online games have become more immersive, and the line between real life and virtual life has thinned. For the actual gamers and budding gamers, it’s essential to catch up with the technology to stay in the reckoning. 

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