How technology will change marketing in 2020

How technology will change marketing in 2020 1

Well, we humans won’t satisfy with a single thing, and we seek the best in almost everything. In earlier, we were confused to go with the product without knowing its features because of lacking a perfect platform to exhibit the product.

But nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology, we became more familiar with the features of the product and are more comfortable to know about the product using various advertising platforms.

Just imagine how technology swept out all the traditional marketing trends and transformed into digital marketing trends for making consumers more reliable and comfortable with the product.

In this article, we are going to see what is the future of digital marketing in 2020 and how technology will change marketing techniques like content marketing, branding trends, and technological advancements in 2020.

Technological advancements in 2020

Technological development has been profoundly occupied all the fields in production in various developmental sectors. Industrial, commercial, IT industries, and many trending areas like Artificial intelligence, IoT, Robotics, automobile, Machine learning, and many more.

When it comes to marketing, technology marks its own identity by increasing tremendous marketing trends to attract consumers. By this, we can predict the future of digital marketing as it has the various scope in this fast-growing business world.

Now let us have a glance regarding how technology is going to influence various marketing strategies in 2020.

Scope of digital marketing 2020

Technology is nothing but the application of science. This application has been enormously altered the marketing trends and going to change the business world in 2020 with various strategies like branding trends 2020, content marketing 2020, b2b marketing trends 2020.

Let us see what the current and upcoming marketing trends which transform the business environment into the digital world are:

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Branding marketing trends 2020:

In marketing strategy, branding strategy is the ultimate recognition for the sales of a product and the growth of a company. Branding often deals with the vision and main motto of the company. Branding deals with the mental impression of the particular product in the consumer’s mind.

Many researchers state that in 2020, we can see a considerable growth of branding trends that may pave the way for digital marketing. Customers are expecting a more reliable way to connect with the brands.

In that case, machine learning assures to deliver the expectations of customers into reality. It is a successive real-time access technology that can be able to access at any time, and it can solve the queries and reliable with any desktop.

Content marketing 2020:

Content marketing is one of the most intelligent tactics to attract customers in the digital business environment. As content marketing attracts more and more people by providing good and quality content. As readers crave for best content, as it is a crucial component of digital marketing.

With content marketing, we can describe the features of the specific product and can advertise it effectively. Because of the depth in content marketing, people can comfortably access the product by knowing what the product is.

For advertising through content, many technological, social media platforms are prevailing in the current business world, and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are the leading advertising platforms. Content marketing is an effective strategy if we utilize it effectively; it assures to explore business to high standards.

The new evolving marketing strategies have enabled entrepreneurs to try leading strategy for marketing. Content marketing will always mark its identity anytime as it is the most leading strategy of digital marketing. We can see an enormous standardized and crucial personalized role of content marketing trends in digital marketing.

B2b marketing trends 2020:

While the best technological advancements are prevailing in the current business scenario, b2b marketing trends prefer the most significant leading business channel to connect with business to business. Influencer marketing is the consideration of all the related fields of digital marketing and integrate them and make into action for a better and successful marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence AI is the right influencing marketing strategy, where it exhibits performance optimization. Also, we can say that trending technologies like machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain play a crucial role in influence marketing.

If we see the b2b marketing trends 2020, it sweeps over social media and influencer marketing will become the most competitive marketing strategy. B2b is evolving as a bold and directive marketing strategy where it is interactive with the customer’s time to time, and it visualizes the content with AR/VR technology.

If we see the scenario of b2b marketing strategy in the past years, it is slowly growing step by step. At first, by providing effective content and then with social media platforms and now with video and visuals.

By 2020, b2b marketing is going to have a great deal of marketing strategy, as it also integrating its developing methodologies by connecting and growing with influence marketing, cloud computing, and enabling the connection with social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization(SEO), content marketing and many more. So we can say, with effective utilization of b2b marketing, there will be many strategic developments in marketing by 2020.

How will technology change marketing in the future?

Technology change marketing in the future

Social media platforms have initially gathered people attention by various methodologies, and we have been coming across various marketing trends in different forms. The vast use of smart technologies everywhere assures digital marketing that it has enormous scope in the future.

With the use of many evolving technologies like AR is mostly used by marketers to promote new products online. AR plays a very crucial role in commercial business. It shows the visual applications of the product directly so that the users can have a demo or a small sample of the product by experiencing them visually by their own and they can feel them.

When we see the marketing trends in 2019, we can have an efficient data of what technology is a boon for digital marketing. Also, marketing trends in 2019 will instead reflect the future digital marketing trends that how they are going to be.

Blockchain is one of the effective technology which preferably intends for the rise of the digital environment. It keeps the record of user-generated information, and it tracks purposefully, we can say Blockchain is a ledger platform for advertising even.

One of the most significant digital technologies that are driving the fourth revolution is advanced robotics; it has profoundly disclosed that by 2020, there will be a massive alteration in the value chain. The production of robots and their prevailing will be prodigious in 2020, and today itself, billions of robots are controlling by the global production system.

Electronics discipline is the specific sector which is keen on the production of robots. In Asia, India is one of the developing country, which is intending to conquer the digital environment. India became the most extensive production management system where we can see tremendous growth in digital technology, which will alter the marketing world enormously.

The transformation of technology and technological advancements in 2020 will be widely recognized. New production technologies in marketing are going to overcome the traditional marketing trends. The productive marketing trends made the business firms made reach global heights. It also depicts the market

When we see the current digital marketing strategies in India, there is an infinite scope of development of digital marketing with the use of digital pillars. This digital marketing scope has been assuring a promising growth in India, as India is a developing country, we have seen many changes in almost every field and aspects from the past few decades.

We can say India is one of the fast-developing countries. Digital marketing is also one of the aspects where India meet heights in the production field. They’re about 25% to 50% of annual growth regarding digital marketing is seen in India. The demand for digital marketers is also increasing in the year 2019.

The demand for digital marketers is also increasing in the year 2020

This enormous growth indicates that how digital marketing is spreading over its wings in one of the fast-developing nations like India. The Indian Express reports report that by 2020, there will be tremendous growth in digital marketing and there will create new jobs for the freshers and beginners in the field of digital marketing. By this, we can say there is a proper scope of digital marketing in India.

It predicted soon that in 2020, the revenue from digital classifieds is going to be the highest and it will be around 25 billion INR, as in a survey it has been stated that, the digital classifieds revenue should be five times greater than that of the current scenario.

To transform India as a global market place, business firms should be more familiar with digital marketing attributes. With this, we can say that all the revenue will be going to be doubled by 2020.

This digital marketing is not only about business people and entrepreneurs but also helpful for the beginners who are seeking for their career in digital marketing. There will be a considerable amount of jobs going to be initiated by 2020 in almost every field.

Digital marketing will become the most substantial and compelling way of marketing in the future. The scope of digital marketing in future is going to be more extensive and also a digital marketer should be alert and must focus and agile every time so that he can be able to handle and overcome hurdles whenever and wherever he is.

Also, digital marketing challenges are dynamic every time, so he needs to accept the challenges and be ready to move forward by taking the changes in digital marketing.

When we see from the past few years, we repeatedly get to listen to this word digital marketing, basically right now digital marketing is in the prevailing zone in the market rather than other marketing fields and 2019 pave an eminent approach of digital marketing to put forward its advantages and the critical growth of marketing career and business development.

At the initial stage itself, digital marketing is noticing as the best marketing strategy in the field of marketing. With the help of technology, digital marketing has been remarkably keeping on changing day by day, and it has been as a fast-growing field.

Nowadays, everything became online, and people got hooked up with social media. People are seeking for the quality content and better advertising of a product through online itself. So digital marketing became one of the best craving online platforms. With this, we can say social media is too affordable.

For online promotions, branding online, and marketing online is affordable. Newspaper printing and advertising through news channels have been traditionally distinguished. Social media promotion is far better when compared to the old traditional marketing strategies.

If you are starting a new business, you can promote your idea through social media, and also you can know, how many users are looking for your product and you can interact with them quickly and sort out their queries time to time.

Many startups and industries are investing in social media sooner going with newspaper ads which cost vast and mostly unnoticed. Creating a Facebook or Instagram page costs a few bucks, which can be reliable and available any time for everyone.

With digital marketing, you can almost connect with everyone all over the world. It’s a boon for us. Technology is rather preferred by everyone as it reduces human efforts, results are more reliable, mainly things are more sophisticated and smart to handle.

Indian people mentality is quite finicky and always go with the products reliable and satisfying. So it is quite a time taking for our Indians to get acquainted with it. But with many strategies, it has been predicted that by 2020, there will be a massive demand for digital marketing in India.

The technological world is the only thing we are always seeking, which comforts us in various ways. Technology should not conclude its progress, and it still holds on to growing according to peoples comfort. Also, with digital marketing using technology, people can access anytime and anywhere, whatever they need.

How important is technology in marketing?

Technology is the actual application of scientific illustrations into reality. Here, from the past few decades, we are experiencing the rapid growth of technology and various forms of technology in almost every field and every corner of the world.

Generally, marketing is the most potent and effective field in the business world. Just assume if marketing goes technically, then how the business world will be. Many technological characteristics have been evolved to transform marketing digitally. Some of them are a website, smartphone, social media promotions, and many more.

It has changed the marketing strategies almost everywhere and makes it go online. Technology is the actual key to the development of digital marketing. As we can see, now many jobs are going to be initiated by 2020 in the digital marketing field.

Technology is the keen and vital element which made a tremendous change in marketing. It helps the business world to increase and prosper. Best Golf Rangefinder is the crucial factor for the overall craze and fame of digital marketing.

It almost helps in the critical development of a company. Through the internet, customers became much acquainted with social media, and they are seeking for the best availability of their needs from almost all over the world. It is possible only through social media.

The future of digital marketing trends in 2020 is going to hit business strategies tremendously. Everything is going to be available in just one click far away. Technology has been remarkably marked its identity in the growth of digital marketing effectively with many vital benefits and keen strategies.

What technology is used in marketing?

There are many evolving technologies which we use in digital marketing. We can go with Search engine optimization (SEO), Google analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing, and many more.

Marketing is at pinnacle point where many strategies, plans, ads, offers, discounts everything is tracking over every single time like never before. Now 80% – 90% of the small and medium scale websites are dealing with analytics to advertise their product effectively. Conversion optimization is also a primary leading strategy that is prevailing in the current marketing scenario.

It is the keen marketing strategy where we can interact with the customers effectively, and we can know what they want, and we can chat with them as possible as it can be.

Marketing means introducing a product to the customer and helping him to make the right choice. Email marketing is one of the pillars of digital marketing strategy, which plays a keen role in the growth of the business.

Email marketing is nothing but sending emails to a particular group of people, no matter who they are, they may be your relatives, neighbor, employees, etc., which is nothing but direct marketing through email.

Email marketing is having a separate vision when compared to other pillars of digital marketing. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to develop its marketing strategy by sending marketing messages and doing business through emails.

Social media is one of the standard methods of digital marketing strategy. It is a technique used to increase the rapid visibility of a website. It helps the website in ranking better. A better-ranking website will create a great exposure in digital marketing strategy.

Search engines are designed to provide information on the World Wide Web. The primary content pillars for social media are Yahoo, Google, Ask, etc. Marketers mostly prefer search engine organic traffic (SEO) because investing in SEO will get superior returns.

It stands as the best content pillar for digital marketing strategy. It has been considered as one of the best tools of online marketing and helps the customers by directly searching through any website.

What are the new technologies in the market?

When we talk about recent technologies in the market, the answer will be immense. There is a vast number of technologies prevailing in the market. Some of them are Artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, cloud computing and IoT (Internet of things) which is a leading technology in the home automation and which connects numerous jobs in a unique base or infrastructure.

The seven essential technologies in 2020 - Artificial Intelligence | Internet of Things | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Blockchain | Drones | Robots

Artificial intelligence is one of the leading technologies which has achieved a lot of identity from the past few years. It is one of the eco-friendly technology where it can support digital marketing strategies too.

AI is used to schedule business activities daily and can manage more substantial business risks. It can assist in sharing apps, smartphone technologies, smart home automation and maintenance of energy efficiency, and many more.

Many research articles and scientific state that by 2020, there will be a considerable number of jobs under digital marketing through artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. With machine learning, computers get programmed and determined what they are going to do so. In machine learning, they are looking for skilled professionals to hire in digital marketing. If you wanted to be a digital marketer, this is the right time to do so.

Robotic process automation(RPA), is another leading technology that is automating jobs, and in 2020, there will be a massive demand for this particular field. It is offering plenty of digital marketing jobs for beginners. There will be many career 0oppurtunities by 2020.

What all comes under digital marketing?

The art of getting customers in business via online and digital media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For doing this, it is more important to keep in mind that we need specific pillars to execute digital marketing in an integrated way.

What all comes under digital marketing?

The art of getting customers in business via online and digital media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For doing this, it is more important to keep in mind that we need specific pillars to execute digital marketing in an integrated way.

Some of the pillars of digital marketing strategy are:

  1. Email marketing,
  2. content marketing,
  3. SEO (Search engine optimization),
  4. SMM (Social Media Marketing),
  5. Search engine marketing.


Content marketing is an intelligent marketing tactic, as you can attract more and more customers, readers by providing good and quality content. Usually, content marketing is considered to be the king of digital marketing and yet a keen and competent pillar of the digital marketing world.

It is the most crucial component of the digital marketing strategy. By content marketing, we can provide valuable information regarding the particular product. Content marketing is the best way to do online marketing and explore your business to high standards. Recently a Forbes article has mentioned that:-

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

Thus this content marketing became a secret weapon for the success of the business and an active pillar of digital marketing strategy. Web content writing helps lucrative readers and customers to find the right product in the right place.


Using social media marketing, we can advertise the product quickly, and it lets the consumer knows the benefits of the product. Making people aware of the Best Golf Set for Beginners using social media may provide fruitful results to the particular company, as these days, everyone is hooking up with the social media sites rather than any other perspectives.

So social media marketing is also considered as an active pillar of digital marketing strategy. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are having a pivotal impact on the current marketing world. The content pillars for social media marketing are the social media websites which provide massive information. A healthy commercial approach through social media websites will pave the way to the growth of your business.

It helps in building strong relationships with customers through social networking sites. Without social media marketing, we can’t be successful in digital marketing. It considers all the related fields of digital marketing and integrate them and make into action for a better and successful marketing strategy.


Search engine marketing or SME is one of the best productive ways to grow your business in the competitive marketing world. It is a fast-growing field. Search engine marketing is also one of the pillars of the digital marketing strategy.

These are the paid advertisements which appear on the search engine results, also called as Pay-per-click ads. Search engine marketing helps to provide information to the customers at a glance.

Keywords play a keen role in search engine marketing.

No, any other advertising medium can advertise better than the search engine marketing medium. It can analyze how much presence a website has in the search engine. The more advertisers are trying to pay for clicks, the higher the ranking for advertising, which leads to higher traffic in the search engine.

Is digital marketing future of marketing?

According to the research articles and many strategies, it is stated that digital marketing will be the progressive future of marketing. There will be many jobs going to be hired in the field of digital marketing.

Branding trends in 2020 are going to reach heights. Future of digital marketing in 2020 is going to be remarkable. We can assure how will technology change marketing in the future and various technological advancements in marketing.

To transform developing India into digital India, Digital marketing is the best option where you can experience a significant change in development. By 2020, we can assure a digitally developed India with the right use of digital marketing in every field.

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