How Telehealth got wings in COVID-19

How Telehealth got wings in COVID-19 1

Telehealth amidst this pandemic became a necessity and not an option. Delivering the best healthcare services digitally in this lockdown was the need for an hour and it got successfully executed.

Though the growth and development of telehealth got boosted under the pandemic but for promoting telehealth we didn’t require pandemic as use of the technologies in telehealth

Telehealth has come a long way and indeed it has a better future in the upcoming years.

According to a survey, 25% of customers are of the opinion that telehealth apps and smart devices were used by them previously before the pandemic faded the lives of people.

The other 59% of individuals reported that they are likely to use telehealth apps now than they used it previously and the other 33% would be leaving their family doctor for a provider and if their family doctors can provide telehealth services then they are ready to work with them.

According to a survey conducted by Global Market Insights, the telehealth and telemedicine market is expected to be at a value of $175.5 billion by the year 2026.

The numbers and its gradual increase shows how telehealth is a need and not an option and how all the services are made available.

Many digital specialists in this telehealth sector have been continuously observing a major development in the public health emergency and its role in delivering the best of its services.

Here are the top 5 reasons which make telehealth and telemedicine are as follows:

1.Telehealth and its adoption with technology

  • Apps under this category will help in narrowing the gaps that people faced in this lockdown with their routine and physical visits.
  • As all the human activities got stopped and the frequent visits were not available in this lockdown and telehealth apps provided a new direction to the people where from the comfort of their homes, they could easily consult their doctors and get the health solutions done.
  • Even the symptoms of COVID got monitored after successfully assisting the patients and they got proper assistance and consultation from the doctors and all the daily check-ups.
  • Such apps were also used to provide treatment to cancer patients.
  • Patients and doctors along with other healthcare professionals are making a grasp over technology and its technology.
  • The number of individuals seeking advice from psychiatrists and psychologists got increased as under the lockdown people were more prone to get psychological problems along with getting conscious about their physiological condition.
  • Even the federal agencies are promoting the use of telehealth services as such services proved themselves in curing and solving the health conditions remotely.

2.Lowered Regulatory Barriers

  • The traditional methods of consulting doctors had long queues to wait for your turn.
  • Major diseases like cancer where patients faced a lot many difficulties even to seek a doctor got speedy solutions with just a click.
  • This speedy process encourages both the patients as well as healthcare professionals to use such apps and get their consultation, as well as treatment, done.
  • Earlier patients who paid personal visits to the doctors were only allowed to consult physicians and doctors but now apps are providing solutions to all the patients and the first-time visitors to consult a doctor and get their problems solved.

3.Improved Financial impact and the ways of reimbursements

  • Prior to COVID-19, healthcare professionals did not require any high remuneration when compared with the cost of making any physical visits to the patient’s home.
  • Medical payments which they used to get for providing their telehealth services were earlier made available for a limited number of patients and in certain situations.
  • There were situations when patients got their medicare and other insurance which helped them from digging deep into their pockets while on the other hand, healthcare professionals got paid with a very little amount of money.
  • Many private clinics of healthcare professionals are completely shut because of this health emergency and such professionals are consulting patients on such apps and are rendering their services which makes them earn for their living.
  • The category of healthcare services can reach a wide range of populations who are frequently using such apps and their adoption of such technology will bring positive rewards as they are now well-versed with the use of technology when things get back to normal.

4.Video Telehealth is great and will get better in the near future

  • There are various internal limitations of telehealth technology for video-conferencing and consulting.
  • But whenever technology gets into contact with health and medicine, the horizon of its exploration gets much wider with huge investments in that particular industry.
  • For example, Tytocare is a company that invested a huge amount of capital around $50 million in just a stethoscope which is connected with telehealth, infrared thermometer and otoscope along with all the other equipment.
  • Such combinations will help patients to use telehealth apps accurately and frequently with further expansion in its quality of care.

5.Untapped potential: Looking forward to the future of telehealth

  • As of now, Telehealth is playing a crucial role in the lives of people and the pandemic took it to the next level.
  • The popularity of telehealth and telemedicine apps will further design their groundwork and seal the places for the future.
  • Thinking of technology and the time it won’t be any surprise to us that robots will be the new doctors in the near future.

Summing up

  • Nowadays, the changes are taking place at a rapid speed and you must not bother to wonder if new changes take place in the technology in the meantime while you finish reading this article.
  • The medical providers pursuing advantages of telehealth while practising must make sure that they are satisfied with proper regulations and compliances which are necessary for the apps.
  • If the remuneration of healthcare professionals and the cost of using telehealth apps are declared priorly before they start using the apps then no major problems will be faced by these people.
  • Thus, it can be made clear that telehealth and telemedicine are the two sides of the same coin which will bring the best results in the upcoming years.

Written by Parth Patel

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations which is a top telemedicine app development company. Operating the IT Infrastructure of SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated

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