How Tesla is using Artificial Intelligence Technology

Tesla being a tech pioneer has become a leading name in the world of electric vehicles. The usage of the latest artificial intelligence technologies like autopilot in cars has created curiosity among passionate automobile enthusiasts. Tesla has made use of the customer datasets for data analytics to predict and gather information about customer requirements and used it to improve the features of its vehicles. The current AI technologies that Tesla is using in its cars are based on unsupervised machine learning

Lets under different AI features in Tesla vehicles-

  • AI integrated chips: Tesla aims to create AI integrated chips that will enable cars to navigate through freeways and even traffic. Approximately 6 billion transistors constitute the circuit of each Tesla chip. These Tesla chips are 21 times faster than the original Nvidia chips and 20% cheaper too.
  • For better performance, Tesla automobile systems have two AI chips. Both the chips make separate assessments of the traffic and danger situation around the cars. 
  • Autopilot – Autopilot features enable cars to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically in the lane. All new Tesla cars since 2016 come with Autopilot which includes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer features.

Tesla reported its fifth consecutive quarter of profits, but operating expenses jumped 33% to over $1 billion as Tesla constructs new factories in Austin, Texas and Brandenburg, Germany, and it continues to ramp up its Shanghai, China, plant.

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk said of new factories, “we’ll start off very slow at first and then become very large.”
  • Tesla’s global ambitions run to as high as 20 million vehicles by 2030, and Musk also has recently been talking about entering India, which could reach 10% of Tesla demand within the next decade.

Written by Srikanth

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