How to add subtitles to YouTube videos?

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Subtitles are very helpful especially when the video is in a foreign language. It also helps people who are not well acquainted with a particular language. Furthermore, it is a boon for people who are deaf. Deaf people can easily read the subtitles and know what is happening in the video. If you add more subtitles in various languages in your video, then it enhances your SEO.

As with this Youtube will be showing your video for different countries. Many times Youtube creators who are new to Youtube do not know how they can add subtitles to their startups. This article will be giving the solution to this problem. Over here I shall be describing the procedure of adding subtitles to your Youtube video in very simple terms.

Why it is very easy to add subtitles to your video on YouTube : In YouTube, the subtitles are added automatically. This is because Google has an inbuilt audio detection software that can automatically detect the word and write it as a subtitle. Now there might be some minor errors in the subtitle detection process. You have to manually rectify the error. If you want to use your own subtitles, you have that option too.

How to add subtitles to YouTube videos:

You can add subtitles to Youtube videos with the help of YouTube studio. Go to your video, modify or add titles as per your desire in the subtitle slot available below.  If you are still confused, follow the steps given below:

1. If you want to edit anything in your YouTube video, then you have to go to the YouTube Studio first.

2. After that go ahead and select the video in which you will be adding the subtitles.

3.  Then go to the more options tab and then tap on it.

4. After that click on subtitles and cc for the original language.

5. Next, you need to click on the tab of English by YouTube option.

6. Then click on the three-dot beside it, a new window will open up and you will find three options which are “edit on classic studios”, download and delete.

7. You need to select edit on classic studios. This will bring you to the YouTube Studios.

8. Here you can add your subtitles and then you can also adjust and optimize them according to your will.

9. You will see the subtitles already generated with respect to the time stamp. You can rectify them according to your will. To do this, you need to click on the edit button to modify the subtitles. You can also manually adjust your subtitles according to the timestamp.

10. Now play your video and see if the subtitles are coming according to the required stamp.

11. Apart from these, you can also go ahead and adjust the timing of your subtitles of the video. You can increase or decrease the duration by increasing or decreasing the duration of the video.

12. After that, you need to tap on the publish button to publish the changes.

This is the standard way of putting subtitles in your videos. I hope you understood the method.

How To add your own subtitles in the video:

You can add your own subtitles also. Here you can write the subtitles in a document and upload it.

1. First of all, go to the video in which you want to add subtitles.

2. Then go ahead and click on subtitles.

3. After that find the option to upload your documents.

4. Click on it and then upload your document which contains the subtitles.

If you have selected transcripts you need to add them in text form.

How to add multiple language subtitles in your video?

You can also add translation subtitles of different languages in your videos. When you add subtitles of other languages, your videos will appear in search results of different countries. In other words, SEO of the video will improve and thus its search results will also be good. This is because it is recommended to add as many subtitles as possible.

1. First of all, go to your Youtube studio and then go to the subtitles option.

2. A new window will open up and then you have to click on “add language”.

3. Then click on add.

4. Now, you can add or modify subtitles of that language in your video.

5. After this, click on publish.

YouTube Keyboard shortcuts:

While you are operating in YouTube Studio, it is more convenient when you are editing using Keyboard shortcuts. Below I am listing down the shortcuts.

1. shift + left: seek back 1 second

2. shift + space: pause/play

3. shift + down: edit next subtitle

 4. shift+up: edit the previous subtitle

 5. shift+ enter: Add a new line

  6. shift + right: take 1 second forward

How to enable subtitles in a YouTube video:

To enable the subtitles on YouTube, you need to follow the steps.

1. While watching the video, click on the gear-like icon and then click on subtitles.

2. Sometimes, there is only English but in other cases, there are other languages listed. Choose a suitable language.

3. Now the subtitles will start appearing on the video.

You can also start the subtitle by pressing the C button.


After reading this article, I  hope you know how you can add subtitles to the YouTube videos. You can add it using auto generation or you can also upload your own document containing your subtitles in the Youtube channel.

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