How to Become a CyberSecurity Engineer without a Degree

By sadia Khan
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How to Become a CyberSecurity Engineer without a Degree 1

The information technology world is changing fast with promising us means to do even a small day-to-day task easily. Simultaneously, business world is also rapidly growing and has become complex which has doubly amplified on the growth in cyber security crimes.


One can measure the life span of any business on the quality of the security they use.  Simple security vulnerability can jeopardize your business. Every year, number of businesses becomes the target of online data theft, data loss, malware infiltration and more.

To mitigate the security risk, organizations are investing more on cyber security engineers to keep malicious cyber threats at bay.  Cyber Security engineers job is the high in-demand as both public and private sector are focusing on customer retention by promising data security, mitigating system vulnerabilities and network breach,so more and more students are deciding to pursue an on-campus or online cyber security degree.

In this article, we have summarized how you can become the data security engineer even without a degree.

Become a CyberSecurity Engineer without a Degree

Yes, you have read it correctly. The degree is important for a job requirement but now more and more companies are changing the requirement criteria and got rid of the requirement of degree to fill the job role.

Cyber security is a field which sincerely welcomes people from an even a non-technical background. You don’t have to have a technical background to become one.  With the right set of skills and focus on the need of the job roll, you can still land a career as a cyber-security engineer.

The degree has its own importance but skill set requires to meet the company’s demand can only be achieve with the right set of hands-on skills in the said field. It all comes down to what an organization is looking for in an engineer for their cyber security department.

Some organizations have a very limited role for the engineer to perform only certain tasks and some companies offer flexibility in the job role that allows different responsibilities.

As the said field has opened its door to both the technical and non-technical individuals, it demands for the skills, grasp on the basics and what is needed, and commitment to learn new every day.

  • Invest time in utilizing the online resources to learn the basics about cybersecurity
  • Get yourself educated with information security concepts,
  • Learn programming language like python, C and C++, PHP
  • Figure out your strength and weakness, what do you want to do as a cyber-security professional or an engineer
  • Get in-demand cybersecurity certification
  • Security operation center (SOC), Threat management, penetration testing, Security Assurance: choose the one career path one yourself more interested in and educate yourself accordingly to the need in the area. Train yourself accordingly if you are interested in all of it.
  • Join the cybersecurity Bootcamp training programs

Join Cyber Security Bootcamp

Cybersecurity Bootcamp is for those who are looking to become a proficient cybersecurity engineer. The bootcamp taught the most important aspect of cybersecurity and transit in a related job.

Cybersecurity bootcamps focus on training programs that are specially modeled to win a place in an organization fulfilling the different levels of cyber security requirement.

Bootcamps are geared to provide the basic and professional training to each individual.

Here are a few benefits of joining the cyber security bootcamp or online cyber security bootcamp:

  • Cybersecurity boot camps offer training programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.
  • Courses from basic Networking+ to penetration testing are taught in the boot camps.
  • Availability of flexible timing and weekend schedule for students and part-timers
    Carefully selected courses in the curriculum meet the modern technology need
  • These bootcamps put emphasize the learning of skills that are the most important to deal with the real-world problem
  • Time is money and bootcamps are designed to teach cybersecurity programs in a relatively short time. Only the needed and useful skills and lesson are taught to save time
  • Important programming languages and frameworks are taught which are in demand.
    • Programming Language: Ruby, Python, Php, Javascript, and other crucial coding languages.
    • Frameworks: Django, ExpressJS, Git and more
  • Compare to the degree programs, bootcamps are relatively offering low tuition fee.

These are just a few benefits of joining the cybersecurity Bootcamp. If it’s not possible for you to travel to attend the on-campus training then you can opt for online cybersecurity bootcamps training. The courses are simpler to what is taught on the campus.

Regardless of which cyber security program you want to enroll in, acquiring the skills of professional cycber security engineer is important.

Cyber Security Bootcamp vs Cyber Security Degree Program– Choose Wisely!

It is without a doubt that degree in certain fields is important for academic purpose but not a necessity to land a job or join a startup company.

That’s why more and more people are leaning towards the bootcamps trainings. But we cannot, altogether, overlook the importance of a degree in certain areas.

It all comes down to your need, interest and requirement.

Cyber Security bootcamps can offer more bang for your buck. Cyber security engineers are earning $93,428 per year which comparatively way higher than your investment in the bootcamps program. With bootcamp training you are not only saving the hard earned money but also five value to your time and help your learn better and skill development.

Whereas degree programs for cyber security takes 2-4 years to complete. Fee structure in the degree programs is comparatively higher. The courses offered in the curriculum are often outdated which could become a setback in future job hunting.

But, if your target is getting a job in the company which requires the degree then this is the option for you. Whichever route you take to become the cybersecurity engineer, choose wisely so that it is better for your career and future.

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