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How to Build a WordPress eCommerce Website with Woo-commerce Plugin?

E-commerce offers unlimited opportunities for ardent entrepreneurs. As a significant number of tech-savvy people love online shopping, more and more companies are entering the world of E-commerce every year.

Rapidly growing competition in the E-commerce business increases the cost of running an online shopping portal. The requirement to hire the best WordPress development company for the successful operation and management of the website, the license fees for software, etc, force cash-strapped entrepreneurs to relinquish their dream of having a successful online shopping site.

Now, time has changed a lot. Technological progress and the invention of new software, plugins, and themes have made it possible for entrepreneurs to create high-performance E-commerce websites easily. You can use WooCommerce to create WordPress E-commerce website at low investment. But, how to do it? Let’s find out.

Complete Preliminary Work At Work 

Creating an E-commerce website is a serious task. You need to perform all the tasks related to website development in a well-planned manner to get the desired website at the end. If you don’t have a well-crafted website development plan, mismanagement will occur sooner or later.

It leads to chaos in web design and development and results in the creation of non-performing websites. You face criticism from clients and lose your reputation in the market. Before starting the website creation work, you need to make a website development plan at first and complete some preliminary tasks.Preliminary Tasks Before The Commencement of Website Creation WorkBrief Explanation

Market Research & Analysis

Marketing analysis of existing websites is needed to understand the success mantra of competitors, find selling words and phrases for your brand, and create a really unique and attractive website. As a marketer, your job is to increase business opportunities and conversions for online entrepreneurs.

This is possible only when you have a unique website. 70% of all WordPress experts don’t do primary marketing analysis before website creation. So, conduct market research with the help of a competent WordPress  Development Company and explore what products and services people are looking for. Find the main keywords, target audience, and market, their preference, etc, in advance. Adopt good things from competitors and implement them in website development practices for better results.

Select a good theme

There are lots of free and premium themes available on different online platforms. Explore different themes and choose a good one for your website.

Select Plugins, Payment gateways, Email Marketing tools, SEO tools, FTP, etc.All these demands careful analysis and evaluation. Take your time to evaluate service providers and choose the best tools to be used on your WooCommerce store.

Content Creation for website

You can write the content yourself for your website. If not, then employ professional content writers to craft SEO optimized, meaningful and actionable content. You also need to check the content usability for the targeted audience and make required changes in it if needed.

Book A Domain Name For Your Website

How to Build a WordPress eCommerce Website with Woo-commerce Plugin? 1

It is an important factor for the success of any E-commerce website. Choose a good, simple, easy-to-understand domain name for your website. Don’t complicate it unnecessarily. You can book the domain name with any domain extension. In several cases, it happens that someone has already booked a domain with the name you want to use as your domain name. Don’t get dejected in such scenarios. Book your domain name with another extension. Never hesitate to take an expert’s help in this regard.

Choose A Reliable Hosting Service

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A reliable hosting server is a foundation for a successful E-commerce website. It keeps your website live 24*7. Generally, for a newly created website, entrepreneurs use cheap shared hosting servers in a bid to save their resources. It’s a suicidal approach when you seek speedy progress to a website. Online shoppers love safe, visually appealing, and fast loading website E-commerce websites. When placed on shared hosting, websites are exposed to different types of online security threats and their loading speed is pathetic.

How to Build a WordPress eCommerce Website with Woo-commerce Plugin? 3

Search engines and online shoppers are critical of such websites and stay away from them. So, just give up your love for low-priced shared hosting services. Invest in a good dedicated hosting service for your website. You get sufficient bandwidth for the smooth operation of your website even during peak hours. Maximum uptime, less downtime, better protection against different types of online security threats, quick loading of websites on all devices, instant technical support are some main advantages of a dedicated hosting server.

WordPress Installation (Free)

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Now, it’s time to install WordPress. You can do this work in two different ways. Go to and click the download button. The WordPress installation process starts and gets completed in a few minutes. Once the installation process is over, you need to upload the downloaded file to the hosting server either manually or using an FTP. You also need to create a database for your website. Many hosting companies allow you to install WordPress directly from the admin panel on the hosting.

Install The WooCommerce Plugin

How to Build a WordPress eCommerce Website with Woo-commerce Plugin? 5

Go to the admin panel of your website-Add plugins-type WooCommerce and click on the “Install Now” button. After successful installation and activation, its icon appears on the admin panel page.

Customize the WordPress Theme 

Now, its time to customize the WordPress theme and add different design elements to make your website look different from others. There is where your website creation skills are put on the litmus test. Just upload the chosen theme to your website and start customizing it as per your needs. Take care of color combinations, white space, menus, categories and subcategories, navigation path, search bar, CTA buttons, social media sharing buttons, etc. It’s always better to work with a WordPress Development Company in this regard. They can customize your website look as per the current demands of the targeted audience.

Main Design Elements of An E-commerce

website brief Explanation

Color CombinationEnsure uniform color combination throughout your website. Your website should look appealing to the targeted audience. White SpaceEnsure enough white space between two design elements. It makes your website look professional.CTA buttons create effective CTA buttons and add at least one CTA button to all pages of your website. Search bar helps visitors to find the desired products easily on the website. Place it on the right side of your website.

ExplanationColor CombinationEnsure uniform color combination throughout your website. Your website should look appealing to the targeted audience. White SpaceEnsure enough white space between two design elements. It makes your website look professional.CTA buttons create effective CTA buttons and add at least one CTA button to all pages of your website. Search bar helps visitors to find the desired products easily on the website. Place it on the right side of your website.

Navigation path

Take care of website navigation path seriously. It will determine user engagement with your brand. Keep the website navigation simple and straightforward. Offer primary and secondary navigation on your website. It will allow users to use the site easily.

Mobile Responsiveness

It is mandatory for all websites. Ask the WordPress Website Development Company to make your website responsive to all mobile devices.

Cross-browser compatibility

Online shoppers should be able to visit your website from all leading web browsers.

Speed optimization

Your websites or its all pages should load quickly on all Internet-enabled devices.

Display Security CertificateOnly Safe E-commerce websites attract a large number of online shoppers on a regular basis.

Create Essential Pages on Your Website

An E-commerce website should have some essential pages to help users get complete information about a brand and make decisions quickly. Some important pages are Important Pages of an E-commerce WebsiteBrief Explanation Friendly And Informative Homepage Generally, Not all buyers enter the site through the home page. But for those who do you should effectively present the site on the main page and explain what it sells and how it differs from its competitors.Your homepage should tell who you are, main products and allow users to make purchases. As home page is the beginning of the client’s journey with a brand, it should be encouraging.

Make sure the navigation is simple and straightforward to make people able to cover all the important sections of your site from the home page.

Privacy Policy

E-commerce websites have lots of important data such as customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and bank account details. Therefore, your website should have privacy policy. Explain the collection of information process in detail to customers and let them know what you do to protect the privacy of the collected data.

Product Return Policy

Explain your product return policy to customers. It is essential to solve complaints from customers and maintain a base of satisfied clients.

Money return Policy

It is important to explain your money return policy to customers. It helps customers to get back the money in case they receive faulty products and generate a request for “product return”

Contact Us

Write the physically verifiable address on your website with Phone Numbers and official Email ID. It will help shoppers to contact you during emergency times and seek immediate assistance.

Product pages

Create product pages as per your needs. Take the help of WordPress experts in this regard

Content Uploading & Technical Optimization

Needless to say, that website design and SEO go hand to hand. So, be friends with an expert SEO professional or firm and take care of the technical optimization of your website. Upload fresh and unique content on your website and optimize it for search engines and people. Some main technical SEO elements are here

Technical SEO Elements

Use Header Tags (H1-H6)Introductory content for search engines. Help in website ranking and optimizationMeta description

Add high-quality meta descriptions for all important pages of your website. It let users know about the nature of the content and determine their behavior on the website.

Product descriptions

Add unique product descriptions to pages. It is essential for website optimization.


Your website should have important keywords and search terms used by online shoppers to find the desired stuff on the site and make transactions one after another. Search engines use keywords to find your website or its pages and show them in SEPR results.

ALT Attributes for Images

Add ALT attributes for images used on your website. It will help search engines to understand the meaning of image content and display them in search results

No-indexing Tag

Turn this setting off when you make your website live

Glamorize Product Pages

Visual appeal is important for the success of E-commerce websites. You can do the following to glamorize product pages. It educated shoppers, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly.

Use High-quality Images on your website

Although e-commerce sites often contain more accurate and detailed descriptions for products. An important advantage of a physical store is that customers can see and touch the goods. Customers don’t have such luxury on the WWW. So, the appearance of products is important. Image quality is one of the pillars of success in E-commerce business. Add high-quality product images to your website.

Different angles of the product presentation

It is important to display products from different angles and details as far as possible. People want to get complete knowledge about products. The availability of alternative types of goods is likely to reduce the number of customer’s return to the site.

Customer reviews

Buyers are concerned about what others say about your product. If you compliment the pages of your products with consumer reviews, it helps buyers to make the final decision quickly. Add both positive feedback and negative reviews to give an impression of an objective assessment.

Payment Gateways

Add payment gateways to your website.

Email Subscription form

Add an Email subscription form to your website. It must appear as a popup before customers.

Website Testing

By now, your website is almost ready to be launched. But wait for a while. Customers and search engines hate faulty websites and give negative reviews. Test your website from A to Z with the help of a WordPress Website Development company. Make sure that all elements of your website are working perfectly. Now, your website is ready. Launch it for online shoppers and start selling your products one after another.

Final Words

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin. With its help, you can create feature-rich E-commerce websites and sell products to customers. Take the help of a WordPress Development Company to make your website look different from competitors and rock in the E-commerce business. Best of Luck!


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